This Genius Hack Makes Dicing Hard Boiled Eggs Painless

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Egg salad may be hit or miss for some diners, but if you're all about the mayonnaise-packed dish, we have just the hack for you. More accurately, Justin Chapple, the culinary director at ‌Food & Wine,‌ does. Chapple posted a video on Instagram (@justinchapple) that shows a super easy, super quick way to dice your eggs for your egg salad. Ready for this?


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All you have to do is press a hard boiled egg through a wire rack to get instant eggy chunks. Just make sure to put a bowl underneath the rack to catch the pieces.


"Um, this is the only hack the world needs," wrote one commenter on Instagram.

"I grate mine, but I think I may like these slightly bigger chunks better — will try!" wrote another.

While Chapple uses the diced eggs for egg salad, you could use them in any sort of recipe that calls for chopped eggs, whether that's a salad or a variation of grated egg toast.


However, if you prefer sliced eggs to diced or grated ones, there's a hack for that too — though it does involve purchasing an egg-slicing tool.

Back to the wire rack — it turns out that this hack is useful for more than just hard-boiled eggs. You can actually use the same trick on avocados to dice them for guacamole or avocado toast. Those wire racks sure are pretty versatile.


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