This Mason Jar Omelet Is the Best Time-Saving Egg Hack

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We love a good cooking hack, especially when it involves one of our favorite foods: eggs. In fact, we've covered our fair share of egg hacks, and the list just keeps on growing. Our most recent discovery hails from TikTok user @kalejunkie, who says mason jars can help you make omelets in minutes.


Here's how the hack works: Add your favorite omelet ingredients to a mason jar, then cover and store it in the refrigerator. "When you're ready to eat, just crack an egg, shake, and microwave for a minute and a half," explains the TikTok user. (Don't forget to remove the metal lid!) If you prefer to skip the microwave, or if you don't have one, "just dump the jar in a pan and cook as you normally would," says @kalejunkie.


Should you decide to use the microwave, be sure to grease the inside of the jar before adding your omelet ingredients. This will prevent the cooked eggs from sticking while paving the way for easy cleanup.

Needless to say, this egg hack is useful AF if you regularly eat omelets. Simply fill multiple mason jars with the omelet ingredients of your choice, then grab one when it's time to eat. It's an excellent way to partially prep meals in advance.


Not to mention, it's an eco-friendly alternative to the microwavable breakfast bowls that are available in stores. You could even reuse old glass jars from other products. Again, just be sure to remove the metal lid.

Other egg hacks:

If you have a set of ramekins, try using them to make poached eggs without the mess. The ramekins will help contain the eggs as they cook to perfection.

Also, the next time you're making egg salad, try using a wire rack to quickly dice the eggs. Done and done.



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