This Egg Hack Lets You Poach Eggs Without the Mess

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Eggs might very well be one of the most perfect foods. They're versatile, affordable, and packed with essential nutrients. Eggs are also deliciously satisfying, especially when they're poached. The only catch? Poaching eggs can be a messy task.


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But thankfully, there's a hack for that. In a recent Instagram post, user @byjillee shares a clever trick for poaching eggs without the stringy mess. Basically, you place several ramekins in a pot, then add a teaspoon of butter into each one. Next, pour half an inch of water into the pot and bring it to a simmer.

Once the butter melts, crack an egg into each ramekin. Cover the pot and simmer for seven to nine minutes, depending on your preferred level of doneness. The result will be a batch of perfectly poached eggs that can be scooped out with a slotted spoon.


"I used this method today and it was perfect!" said one user on the Instagram post. "The cleanup is so much easier," noted another commenter who tried the hack. Now, we like the sound of that.


Of course, this method will only work if you have a few ramekins on hand — though you can also use small heat-safe bowls. However, if you frequently poach eggs, it might be worth purchasing a set of simple porcelain ramekins.

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If you don't own ramekins, try the Julia Child hack for poaching eggs. You'll need a pin, as well as a pot and a slotted spoon.


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While you're at it, check out our guide on egg carton labels and symbols. Happy cooking!


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