The Hole in Your Spaghetti Spoon Has a Secret Purpose

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Some spaghetti spoons have multiple holes for drainage purposes, while others contain a single hole in the center. Turns out, the latter has a very different advantage.


Spaghetti spoons with one hole can actually be used to measure out a single serving of pasta, according to Insider. Using your spaghetti spoon hole, fill it with the dry pasta until it reaches capacity and that's it! Now, you can easily prepare a spaghetti dish for one or two.

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Though this hack only works for spaghetti, it's still a game changer when it comes to preventing food waste. Instead of guessing how much pasta you'll need for one or two people and ending up with excess, you can now measure out the approximate servings with ease.

We know what we'll be having for dinner tonight.


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