This Easy Trick Lets You Dice Avocados in Seconds

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When it comes to the wonderful world of avocados, you can never have too many tricks in your repertoire. This is especially true if foods like avocado toast and guacamole are in your weekly rotation. And now, thanks to celebrity cook and television personality @rachaelray, we have another avocado hack to add to the list.


Video of the Day

In her popular TikTok video, @rachaelray demonstrates how to quickly dice avocados using a wire rack. She places the wire rack on top of a large bowl, then presses avocado halves (without the pit, of course) onto the rack. The avocado flesh moves through the rack, falling into the bowl in diced pieces.

Naturally, TikTokers had mixed feelings about this trick. A few users pointed out that using and washing a knife and/or spoon is easier, while others thought the hack is too messy. However, it's worth noting that this trick is meant to prepare a ​lot​ of avocados. If you're dicing one avocado, or even just a few, it may not make sense to use this hack.


That being said, if you're planning to make a large batch of avocado toast or guacamole, you'll definitely want to try this technique. Hosting Taco Tuesday has never been easier!


Other useful cooking shortcuts:

As it turns out, a wire rack can dice more than avocados. You can also use it to dice hardboiled eggs for a large batch of egg salad. Simply place the wire rack on top of a bowl and press the peeled hardboiled eggs onto the rack.

If you eat chicken, try shredding chicken breast with an electric mixer. This method pulls apart chicken in seconds, making it an essential trick for dishes like pulled chicken sandwiches and chicken salad.

You can also cut bell peppers without the mess by following a certain technique. This particular method prevents seeds from getting everywhere, which means you'll spend less time cleaning up.