This New Costco Item Makes Preparing Comfort Food Easy

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Grilled cheese might be one of the easier dishes to make at home, but when you're ​really​ hungry, wouldn't it be nice if you could skip the skillet and go straight to the plate?


Now available at Costco, Lily's Toaster Grills Grilled American Cheese sandwiches are premade and require minimal effort to prepare. Simply take them out of the freezer, remove the plastic wrap, microwave them for 30 seconds, then pop them in the toaster for one medium-high cycle. Voilà! A no-mess, practically instant grilled cheese!

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That said, if you have a traditional upright toaster, be wary of any cheese drippage, which could burn. Personally, we're big fans of toaster ovens for this reason!

It appears that not everyone is on board with pre-made grilled cheese, though. "Okay I'm super lazy when it comes to cooking, but even I wouldn't buy this," commented an Instagram user on a video of the product. That remark is the top comment with the most likes so far.


But others were pretty excited. "Oh my gosh, we need this," wrote another Instagram user.

A different commenter pointed out that there are some groups of people who might need a comforting meal that's extra easy like this. "If you can make a grilled cheese, good for you but not everyone [has] the capability, the emotional bandwidth, or the living conditions to. (Or the desire to.) There's no shame in just wanting to keep your food easy and simple," they said.


So whether you're pressed for time, don't feel like dealing with prep work or dirty dishes, or simply don't have the capacity to deal with the hassle of cooking a meal, this grilled cheese shortcut is for you.

According to the Costco website, an eight-pack of the sandwiches costs just $8.99 right now. And according to the company that makes them, they're available at other grocery stores, too — you can find out where to buy them here.



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