9 Delicious Ways to Up Your Scrambled Egg Game

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When it comes to breakfast, scrambled eggs might very well be one of the easiest meals to make. Just crack an egg, whisk it up, and fry it until cooked ... right? Well, sort of.


Turns out, there are plenty of ways to make scrambled eggs even better. Some of these methods call for additional ingredients, while others offer simple cooking techniques. To learn more, check out these nine ways to upgrade your scrambled egg skills, below.

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1. Add a bit of milk.

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This is a classic egg hack — and for good reason, too. The addition of milk will elevate both the flavor and creaminess of scrambled eggs. All you need to do is whisk in one tablespoon of milk per egg, then cook the eggs as usual.

2. Mix in cottage cheese.

Yes, it's a thing. Instead of milk, try using two tablespoons of cottage cheese per egg. It's an excellent trick for adding flavor and protein to your standard scrambled eggs.


3. Add chunks of cream cheese.

If you don't have milk or cottage cheese, try cream cheese. The ingredient will transform your scrambled eggs into a creamy plate of goodness. You'll need about 1/2 tablespoon of cream cheese per egg, but feel free to add more.



4. Use pesto instead of oil.

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Thanks to pesto, you can make flavorful eggs with no added prep time. The trick is to use the condiment in place of oil or butter. The oil in the pesto will prevent the eggs from sticking. At the same time, it will infuse your breakfast with a ​ton​ of flavor.


5. Take the pan on and off the heat.

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According to British chef Gordon Ramsay, the trick to creamy scrambled eggs is to repeatedly take the pan on and off the heat while whisking the eggs. This hack will prevent overcooked scrambled eggs, which is always a plus in our book.


6. Cook eggs in leftover bacon grease.

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If you eat meat, cook eggs in the same pan you used to fry bacon. The leftover bacon grease, like oil, will help cook the scrambled eggs. Granted, you'll have to wait longer for breakfast ... but at least you'll only need to wash one pan.



7. Push the eggs toward the center of the pan.

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Take a tip from Martha Stewart and push the eggs inward as they cook. This will give them a fluffy, creamy texture that's hard to resist.


8. Remove the eggs while they're slightly runny.

Scrambled eggs continue to cook while they're on the plate. So, instead of plating the eggs when they're fully cooked, you'll want to do it while they're a bit runny. See you never, overcooked eggs.


9. Serve eggs on a heated plate.

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On that note, Stewart recommends serving eggs on a slightly heated plate. This will keep your eggs warm as they continue to cook, making them perfect by the time you're ready to eat.



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