This Egg Hack Will Prevent Overcooked, Sad Scrambled Eggs

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When it comes to breakfast, there is nothing more simple-yet-delicious than a hot plate of scrambled eggs. Yet, despite the straightforwardness of this dish, it can easily take a turn for the worse if the eggs are overcooked while on the stove. Thankfully, we just discovered an egg hack that will help prevent this breakfast disaster from occurring.


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During an interview with Eat This, Not That!, British chef Gordon Ramsay discussed how he makes eggs for himself and his family. "When you're making scrambled eggs," says Ramsay, "always remember to take them on and off the heat while you whisk." So instead of leaving the pan filled with eggs on the stove consistently, you'll want to alternate taking it on and off while you whisk your eggs.


According to Ramsay, this on-off egg hack "allows the eggs to not overcook and gives you that fluffy, delicious texture." After all, no one wants scrambled eggs that are hard and chewy.

Other scrambled egg hacks to try:

To ensure that your scrambled eggs are as tasty as can be, there are several other hacks we recommend you try. Firstly, according to chef and food writer J. Kenji López-Alt, you'll want to ensure that your pan is hot before adding your egg mixture. This will help create steam to keep the eggs fluffy while they cook. López-Alt adds that salting your eggs before cooking can also keep them nice and tender.


As for Martha Stewart, she has a one-ingredient hack for creating absolutely delicious scrambled eggs. Instead of cooking them in plain butter, Stewart actually uses clarified butter (aka ghee). Plus, for extra fluffy adds, she advises scrambling your eggs in the milk holder of a cappuccino maker. Genius!

If you're not a fan of plain scrambled eggs, we have a hack for you, too! On TikTok, we learned that for more flavorful eggs, you can cook them in pesto instead of butter or oil. Since pesto already contains oil, this will prevent your breakfast from sticking to the pan.


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