This Boulder House Has Some Unexpected Features — but It Rocks

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You may recall the house with a giant rock formation inside from earlier this summer, but it's certainly not the only home that has been built among the boulders. According to an Instagram post by @zillowgonewild, a new listing is on the market that has been quite literally assembled amidst the rocks — and also has some unexpected features inside.


This 5,828-square-foot home in Escondido, California, was built by Robert Hamson, who "blasted out" boulders to build his dream home in 1975. The structure is only one story, but boasts five bedrooms ‌and‌ five bathrooms, with high ceilings and open floor plans.

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But let's address the elephant in the room. Aside from the real chunks of rock accenting various rooms in the residence, you may have noticed an indoor swimming pool that looks to be in the living room. With such beautiful weather in California, one may not think an indoor swimming pool is necessary, let alone just steps away from your kitchen, but Hamson thought otherwise — hopefully he didn't take it for granite.


While unconventional, it kind of rocks, don't you think? Users took to the comments of the post to crack a few jokes in true internet fashion. One person wrote, "It would be moist in there," while another referenced the giant boulder in the middle of the home by writing, "Prime potato storage location."


The home is currently listed for $1,645,000 and you can check out the full listing on Zillow. This one really is a precious gem.

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