This Australian Apartment Has a Bathroom Cube in the Kitchen — Yes, Really

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Twitter has made some pretty wild discoveries, like America's worst fireplace and the secret area in Disneyland's Haunted Mansion, but now a user has brought our awareness to a new apartment that was just on the market in North Adelaide, Australia. Tiny homes are trendy these days, but this listing is a bit excessive, to say the least.


Twitter user @Guestyperson shared a few photos of the space and wrote, "Look at this listing. They've turned a single room from a house into a 'self-contained' apartment that violates soooooo many regulations, it's not funny. Because it's in North Adelaide, they want $400 a week."

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There's a lot to unpack here, but first, if you're wondering if this is some sort of practical joke, we can assure you it's not. The listing has been recently taken off the market, but the room was listed for $400 AUD per week (around $271 USD) in a late-Victorian era building, which has been subdivided into seven apartments. The space is 35 square meters — or around 376 square feet — perfect for you and just one suitcase.


Let's begin with the obvious and bring our attention to the glass-walled bathroom sitting in the middle of the apartment. Snuggled between the fireplace and kitchen counter, the see-through cube's only sliver of privacy is a small section of frosted glass. Not to mention, the kitchen lacks a stovetop, oven, and a full-sized fridge.

Twitter users were quick to take to the comments, expressing their distaste, and of course, making jokes.


"Imagine having friends over for drinks…" says @MT1975.

"A portaloo in the middle of the room would be more practical," writes @BabyzSmudge.

"I love that you can stay warm on a cold winter's night while [using the bathroom] next to the open fire," shares @WillMcDougall.


Unfortunately, with the current housing crisis, this space may be a viable option for many people. But hey, at least it has a balcony.



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