A Twitter User Just Revealed a Secret Area in Disneyland's Haunted Mansion

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Disneyland only reopened yesterday, but already, we've learned something new about the park — specifically, about The Haunted Mansion. Turns out, there is a secret area in the mansion with spooky decor we've never seen before.


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According to @laughing_place on Twitter, there is another way to enter The Haunted Mansion. "Some guests are taken down a temporary alternate queue for #TheHauntedMansion at #Disneyland," they explained. "This queue bypasses the entire front lawn area, foyer, and elevators. It puts you out in the hallway around the corner from the loading platform." And yes, there are pictures.

This is what the entrance looks like, with there being a door at the end for guests to walk through:

Upon entering, before walking down a set of stairs, you'll see what appears to be decor from a servant's quarters:

This is what you'll see once you get to the bottom of the stairs:

Here's a close-up shot of the servants' bell system:

Before taking your place in line, you'll come across three portraits and a simple sitting area:


This is who will be watching you as you wait in line:

This makes us even more excited for Disneyland's reopening. It also makes us wonder, "What other secrets might we find inside The Haunted Mansion?"