This House on Zillow Looks Like a Balloon About to Pop

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In Inman, South Carolina, there's a three-bedroom, two-bathroom property with waterfront views. This description alone is pretty mundane, but trust us when we say this house is anything but.


The expert Zillow-listing hunter on Instagram, @zillowgonewild, scours the real estate marketplace on the daily to share some of the wackiest houses that are for sale right now. They recently posted about this single-family home on Lake Bowen, with a rounded construction that makes it look like a bubble.

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"Every time I look at it I [smile] and love it even more," @zillowgonewild writes in the post caption, and we feel similarly as we scroll through the Zillow listing. At first glance, you may think you're looking at a photo that's been taken with a fish-eye lens. The charmingly squat abode looks like something from a fairytale with its unique shape, narrow lower windows, mini second-floor balcony, and what looks to be a tiny tower at the top where you can enjoy some 360 views.

Built in 1977, this round house is definitely a fixer-upper that's posted for $650,000. "This is for sure a contractor or hand man's dream," reads the listing. The interior space offers 1,960 square feet, along with 73 feet of water frontage that includes a dock and a patio.


The post elicited some fun conversation in the comments, with the host of Celebrity Home Shopping on YouTube, @Samir, quipping, "This is the most important architecture of the 21st century." Others pointed out the fantastical absurdism of the house, drawing comparisons to ​Alice in Wonderland​ and one offering that it looks like Violet Beauregard from ​Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory​​.​ And in true social media fashion, some users even swooped in with jokes. "Me after eating at Chipotle," added @sarahd1324.

This rare find is still available for purchase, but it's sure to get snatched up soon. Either that, or it might just pop!



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