The Byers' House From 'Stranger Things' Is Now for Sale

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At first glance, this new Zillow listing doesn't look like much. Standing at just one story with an unassuming facade and humble front yard, this three-bed, two-bath in Fayetteville, Georgia, isn't much to write home about. That is, until you learn one important detail: this is the Byers' house from the Netflix show ​Stranger Things​.


That changes things, doesn't it?

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Recently promoted by the unofficial chief Zillow curator @zillowgonewild, the Byers' house is going for a reasonable $300,000 despite its prominent role in seasons one and two of the hit series. The house was built in 1900 on 6.17 acres of land, featuring ranch-style architecture and 1,846 interior square footage.

Hollywood glitz and glam aside, the house is in dire need of a full renovation, and is being sold as-is with no seller disclosure. "This home makes for a PERFECT Airbnb, short-term rental, or personal residence for someone willing to take it on," reads the listing. "Since the show was aired, fans have traveled far and wide, almost daily, just to drive by and get a picture. So much so that the owners had to put up a driveway barricade and 'Private Property' signs just to keep people from trespassing."


Of course, the jokes have come fast and furious in the comments section of @zillowgonewild's post. "Are the kids living in the walls included or is that something you have to pay extra for?" quips @homeownermemes.


"You also get the house in the Upside Down for free! What a deal," adds @orangesparrow.

Others have reached the consensus that whoever pulls the trigger on this aging starlet will inevitably do so with the intent of leveraging its backstory and turn it into a ​Stranger Things​-themed Airbnb situation. Who could blame them?

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