This House for Sale Looks Just Like a Medieval Castle

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Forget that cute craftsman bungalow you were looking to buy. Instead, who's up for a tudor-meets-gothic castle?


That's exactly what you'll find on the market in Rochester, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit. The 6,100-square-foot private home is designed to look exactly like a medieval castle. It sits on six wooded acres in the center of a moat, complete with a drawbridge and portcullis (the retractable metal gate at the end of the drawbridge).

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And it's not just a castle façade — the house stays quite on theme throughout the interiors, from the suit of armor in the foyer to the throne room with — you guessed it — two wooden thrones. (No, that's not a euphemism for a bathroom.) There's even a wood-paneled library, a cathedral-like master bath, a basement pub, a billiards room, and a wine cellar.

What's more, the house is riddled with secret rooms and passageways, including a spiral staircase that ascends the castle's 60-foot tower and what appears to be some sort of mirror maze hidden within the house. The listing showcases photos of the mirrors, but doesn't mention exactly what their purpose is. It does, however, note that there are "a few more surprises" in addition to the named amenities. To that end, we've also heard rumors of a secret hot tub grotto.


In addition to those funky living spaces, there are also five bedrooms, five full baths, and two half baths, plus an elevator, a four-car garage, and five fireplaces. Unlike medieval times, it also boasts modern amenities like central air and a laundry room.


Though the listing notes that the home was built for more than $10 million in 1990, it can be yours for just $2.5 million. Head on over to Sotheby's to see the full listing. (And shoutout to @zillowgonewild on Instagram for calling this unique property to our attention!)



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