This Couple's 'Stranger Things' Halloween Decor Looks Like It's Hovering in Midair

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We're sorry, everyone — the best Halloween lawn decoration of the year is already in existence, and it's not even October yet.


Aubrey and Dave Appel, from the greater Chicago area, are taking the blue ribbon with their ​Stranger Things​–themed yard.

Video of the Day

Though the project is still a work in progress, it's already gone viral thanks to an outrageously realistic depiction of the ​Stranger Things​ character Max, who appears to be levitating above the driveway. (No spoilers — it's a riff on a scene from the recent fourth season of the hit television show.)


The couple posted a video of the freaky illusion on their TikTok account (@horrorprops) about a week ago, and it has already racked up nearly 14 million views.


Perhaps most impressively, the makeshift Max doesn't seem to be tethered to the ground. In a follow-up video posted yesterday, in which the Appels thank their viewers, the camera goes right underneath Max, indicating that there are no hidden strings holding her to the ground.

So how did the Appels do it? They've remained silent so far, but they've teased what's to come, and according to an NBC article, Max was created using pool noodles due to their light weight.


"We LOVE Max as much as everyone else. We made this channel to share and promote the amazing possibilities of Halloween. The 'how-to's' are coming," they wrote in a comment on the second video.

For now, we'll just have to marvel in the magic.



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