This Hobbit House on Zillow Is Straight Out of a Fairy Tale

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Real life can be tough sometimes, and if you've ever dreamed of living in a land of make-believe, you're not alone. The idea may not be so far out of reach as storybook houses are currently trending in the real estate world, and yet another one just popped up on the market.


Originally shared by @zillowgonewild on Instagram, this home allows you to live out your hobbit fantasies. Hobbits are fairytale creatures first introduced in ​The Hobbit​ and ​The Lord of the Rings​ franchises by J. R. R. Tolkien. About half the size of your average human, hobbits live in homes that are built into the earth, using greenery and soil to protect the structure.

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Currently listed at $315,000 in River Falls, Wisconsin, the two-bedroom, two-bathroom house sits on (or should we say, in) 3.47 acres of land, and measures 2,236 square feet.


The residence was designed by architect Mike McGuire and according to the listing, the home is deemed energy efficient. Since the building is covered, the earth serves as insulation, requiring the use of less electricity overall.

Aside from the easy access to nature and immense amounts of privacy, the interior is not too shabby. It boasts three wood-burning fireplaces, five large skylights, and two new furnaces. While the exterior looks storybook-esque, the inside reflects a more modern design, embodying clean lines, arched white ceilings, and minimalistic details.


Of course, potential homebuyers can explore the home for purchase, but it is also available as a short-term rental for people to live out their hobbit dreams. This residence is just as magical as it seems. Seriously, who wouldn't want to live in a fairy tale?



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