Take a Virtual Trip With Airbnb's Most-Liked Instagram Posts of the Year

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Just because we can't travel right now, that doesn't mean we can't ​dream​ about traveling. Lucky for us, Airbnb has been posting some pretty sweet eye candy on Instagram throughout the year to fuel our wanderlust.


From minimalist desert abodes in California to a rustic-chic Italian flat in Florence with views of the Duomo to a floating house in Brazil (!), here are some of Airbnb's most-liked Instagram posts from 2020. Enjoy your virtual trip!

Video of the Day

Stone Cottage, Saint Victor la Coste, France

The South of France is always a good idea.

The Best View of Quintay, Casablanca, Chile

They're not kidding about that view!


Lakeview Lodge, San Marcos La Laguna, Guatemala

Sign us up for yoga on that deck.


Tanglebloom Cabin, Brookline, Vermont

Come summer, we're all in for this open-air cabin. Is it too much to ask for a gentle, passing rain shower while we're there?



Casa Mami, Pioneertown, California

Quite frankly, the architecture here leaves us speechless. And just wait till you see the inside...


Dreamy A-Frame, Pond Eddy, New York

There's no better place to hibernate this winter.


Idyllhaus, Idyllwild-Pine Cove, California

We'd never leave this tub. Well, except to refill our wine glass.


Floating House, Joanópolis, Brazil

Sailing is hard work, but staying at this floating house? Easy as pie.



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