This New Zillow Listing Looks Just Like a UFO

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"E.T., dome home!"


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Another double-take inducing house has just hit the market, this time in the form of a spinning, UFO-reminiscent dome-shaped home. Situated on five acres of land in Somonauk, Illinois, this four-bedroom, five-bathroom house is the perfect spot for homebuyers looking to go to infinity and beyond.

Shared by Zillow loyalist @zillowgonewild, this one-of-a-kind, single-story house was built in 2002 and is currently listed for $599,000. It boasts central air, a 4,018 square-foot interior, vaulted cathedral ceilings, and even a loft. The land it's built upon is also zoned for horses, so both equine and extraterrestrial lovers need not look any further for their dream abode.


The Zillow listing reads, "The home's set on a 12' square foundation with the ability to rotate electronically or manually," taking the dizzying nature of its design to the next level. "Vertigo has entered the chat," user @jolier23 astutely comments on @zillowgonewild's post.


"I lol'd when I saw the outside of this home and now you get to too," writes @zillowgonewild in the post caption. Naturally this listing has spurred quite the discussion in the comments section of the post, with @trex_hi5 wondering, "If you have a party and everyone goes to one side, will it tip?"


The dome home certainly isn't for everyone, but to thrill-seekers, this just might be the best house in the cosmos.


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