This House Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright Is Now on Sale

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Looking for a new home? The University of Southern California (USC) has officially listed a Los Angeles house designed by the legendary Frank Lloyd Wright. The home, called the Samuel Freeman House, is located in the Hollywood Hills at 1962 Glencoe Way. It also comes with a hefty price tag of $4.25 million.


One of Wright's four concrete houses in Los Angeles, the Samuel Freeman House was built in 1924 and constructed with more than 12,000 cast concrete blocks. It features two bedrooms, along with enormous windows, terraces, and balconies, enhancing the spacious feel of the residence.

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The design of the home works beautifully with the rolling hills of the neighborhood. According to the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, the house looks like a one-level home from the street. But as the hill slopes down, the house reveals another ​two​ levels. So fancy.

From a cultural standpoint, the home has played a quite the role in Los Angeles history. According to the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, Samuel and Harriet Freeman used the home as "an artistic and political 'salon'" between the mid-1920s and 1980s.


BTW, in case you're wondering, USC owns the property because the Freemans donated it to USC's School of Architecture in 1986. And according to the USC website, the Hollywood Hills home has offered hands-on learning experience for architecture students. Honestly, we can't think of a cooler learning environment.

A recent article by the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation notes that the home still boasts many of its original furnishings. But, of course, like all historic homes, it will also need some TLC. For more images and information, visit the home's listing here.


Where are Frank Lloyd Wright's other houses?

In Los Angeles, there are three other Frank Lloyd Wright homes. This includes the following buildings:


However, across the country, you can find hundreds of buildings designed by the renowned architect. To find one near you, visit Frank Lloyd Wright Sites.



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