This House Comes Complete With an Underground Cave — and It's a Gem

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When these homeowners say they live in a cave, they don't mean a dingy basement apartment with concrete walls, little sunlight, and a stale dampness in the air. Our favorite Zillow-listing scout on Instagram, @zillowgonewild, shared a post which kind of rocks — literally.


Currently pending a sale, this four-bedroom, three-bathroom home in San Antonio, Texas comes complete with oak cabinets, walk-in closets in each bedroom, over 2.5 acres of property, and caverns underneath the structure. Yes, ​caverns​.

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A cellar-like door that is built into the wooden backyard deck leads down a set of stairs to a cavern below the house. According to the photos in the listing, tall rock formations cover the cave along with stalagmites and other towering slabs.

The home resides close to the Cibolo Bluffs Nature Preserve and the Backen Cave Preserve, with the underground resembling the nearby Natural Bridge Caverns. Its asking price is $875,000.

The caverns are illuminated by a network of lights that line the pathway. The lighting system on its own cost around $87,000 to implement.


Aside from deep, dark caverns, this house sits on some stunning land. Quaint oak, magnolia, and mountain laurel trees are scattered throughout the property, which you can view from a separate gazebo picnic area. It is also surrounded by 3,500 acres of natural land, according to the listing.

Instagram users were loving it and even made a few jokes — how could they not? One wrote, "I love any house with a built-in bat cave," while another said, "Bruce Wayne liked this post."


It's a real bummer that this home is off the market right now, but all we can hope for is that the proud new owners don't take this special place for granite.



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