This House Has a Giant Rock Formation Inside — and It's Pretty Bould

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There are so many bizarre homes out there, like this high school gym that was converted into a house, or this Australian apartment with a bathroom cube in the kitchen. Even with such an out-of-control housing market, living spaces just seem to just keep getting weirder and weirder. While you may or may not necessarily want to live in them, these homes are seriously fun to look at.


Our favorite source for all the strangest listings, @zillowgonewild, has come through with another odd one in partnership with HGTV's Ugliest House in America: Ugly in Paradise. The video they shared is hosted by Samir of Celebrity Home Shopping.

Video of the Day

The video begins with Samir showing a photo of a home in Perry Park, Colorado. The structure looks like a small building, reminiscent of a college dorm, but is partially covered by a giant rock formation. The boulders seem a little too close for comfort, but nothing too out of the ordinary yet.

That is, until Samir shows off the inside. The home actually has part of that slab sitting in the interior of the structure. The 200 million year-old red rock formation stands at 35 feet tall right inside the house.


Aside from the giant rock taking up space in the middle of the house, Samir describes the place as "move in ready." The kitchen looks sleek, with finished countertops, a wooden ceiling, and brand-new appliances. You can also see a desk sitting right underneath the rock, which they describe as work-from-home "goals," but the downside is that the home doesn't have any hanging light fixtures and only has one outlet to power the downstairs. Imagine glamping, just all the time.


Samir ends the video by running off a few names for the rock formation. They say, "We can't call it The Rock for obvious reasons, but it looks kind of like it."

People in the comments countered its label of "ugly" by saying the rock formation just adds to the home's beauty. One wrote, "I honestly think this is gorgeous," while another noted, "This house is spectacular. I don't know why it's even on that show."

Well, the jury has spoken. This house rocks.



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