The Interior of This Zillow House Is Not What It Seems

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We all know the age-old adage to never judge a book by its cover, and the same can be said for houses. An abode might have a shiny new exterior with a fresh coat of paint and window boxes to boot, only to give way to fixer-upper interiors. Or, a house might feature a certain style on the outside, but then have a totally different look and feel behind the front door. This is certainly the case with the latest find from everybody's favorite real estate listing curator, @zillowgonewild.


This four-bed, two-bath in Sacramento, California, looks relatively mundane from the outside. It features a brick facade accented by white-painted wood and a nicely manicured front yard. It's serene and idyllic, but nothing out of the ordinary. Once you step inside, however, it's a completely different story.

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All you need to know from the outset is that the house's interior was inspired by renowned Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi. With this in mind, the psychedelic rooms and other-worldly aesthetics really take shape, which include artwork throughout that was created by the seller themselves from caulk, styrofoam, wood, and paint.


The one-of-a-kind home was built in 1940, has 2,320 square feet, and is going for $825,000 on Redfin. It also has refinished hardwood floors, a swimming pool, and a two-story garage. Perfect for those crafty, artsy types looking for an escape, run away to the dream land of this home and never look back.



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