This Is the One Type of Dessert Everyone Will Be Baking This Fall

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In early 2020, it was all about banana bread. That fall, we predicted spritz cookies would be a baking trend, and one year later, in 2021, we were all about whipping up the simple-but-comforting recipe that is monkey bread. Now, what is the one type of dessert everyone will be baking this coming fall 2022, you ask? We've got our sights set on pumpkin cheesecake in its many forms.


To come to this conclusion, we went to everyone's favorite source for trending recipes: TikTok. Using the platform's search engine, we looked up the most-liked "dessert recipe" videos from the last month. From apple dump cakes to Oreo treats, the revealed TikToks truly run the gamut, but one specific type of fall dessert combo stood out: pumpkin and cream cheese.

Video of the Day

We're not referring to your average pumpkin cheesecake — we're talking specifically about the sweet pumpkin filling that can be used in many types of treats. Think pumpkin cupcakes topped with a cream cheese brown butter frosting, pumpkin cheesecake bars with a sugar cookie crust, and even a pumpkin spice, cream cheese, cinnamon toast crunch dump cake.

If you type #pumpkincheesecake into Instagram, you can find more examples (over 126,000 posts, to be exact) for inspiration. Like a pumpkin cheesecake cake, pumpkin coffee cake with cream cheese filling, and pumpkin cheesecake mousse.


Plus, if you're not interested in baking your own pumpkin cheesecake recipe, there are plenty of related products you can buy at the store. Pepperidge Farm has its Soft Baked Pumpkin Cheesecake Cookies, while Ben & Jerry's offers a pint of Pumpkin Cheesecake Ice Cream. For $61.95, you can order a Pumpkin Pie Cheesecake from the iconic Junior's, and Goldbelly has several pumpkin cheesecake desserts available for shipping.


Another option: If pumpkin cheesecake isn't your vibe and you prefer the savory side of life, consider a tomato tart like the tomato and leek tart courtesy of @bakedbymelissa. Similarly, the beloved @wishbonekitchen on TikTok also made a tomato tart with pesto that has us drooling. Other options include a whipped feta and tomato tart and a cheesy tomato tart.

Now, excuse us while we run to the grocery store.



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