12 Curtain Colors That Go Beautifully With Brown Furniture

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Whether in wood, leather, or fabric, it's hard to escape the color brown when furnishing a room. But then again, why would you want to? A warm earth tone, it lends a feeling of groundedness to a space. And from Scandi blonde wood to a cozy '90s brown sofa, the versatility of this neutral in home decor is practically limitless, leaving the door open for a wide variety of color schemes.


So how do you begin to narrow down the options when pairing brown furniture with accents like curtains? A few factors to consider include lighting, the mood and look you're hoping to create, and color theory. In thinking about light, keep in mind that thinner, gauzier fabrics will create a lighter, brighter space, and thicker, more opaque curtains will create a darker, moodier or more formal vibe.


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As for what color curtains go with brown furniture, you can read on for some inspo, but also consider the advice of designer Ali Qualy of Roost Interiors. She suggests going for fall colors. "Warmer brown colors complement creams, whites, and light beiges well, and also nicely pair with earthy tones — green, rust, and gold," she says. She and her design partner, Kasey Hodgson, use a lot of furniture in natural materials (as in the image below), including rattan, grasscloth and leather — and much of it skews brown. "We often choose a light, creamy textured fabric to keep the room feeling airy," Hodgson says. "If you're brave, go for bold, rich-colored geometric patterns."


Curtain Styles to Consider for Brown Furniture

Although they can be purely decorative, curtains are usually also chosen to filter outside light and provide privacy. In choosing a curtain style, you'll want to consider the overall vibe of your space, but also these other factors.


In a room where you're less concerned about privacy and want the light to shine in, sheers or partial café curtains can add a lot of style to a space. But do think through that decision. For example, you might have a living room with a great view that you'd like to frame with sheer curtains. That could work just fine, unless you also watch TV or work on a computer in that room, in which case you may regret not choosing something capable of blocking out light and potential screen glare.


Having two layers is another good option for rooms where privacy is a priority, such as a bedroom. This gives you the best of both worlds — a sheer layer to let light in during the day and an opaque or even blackout curtain for privacy and darkness when you're sleeping.


There are window-covering styles for just about every need, not to mention colors and patterns. Read on for curtain color options we love seeing alongside brown furniture.


12 Curtain Colors for Brown Furniture

1. Gray

Serene and sophisticated, this home office designed by Amy Storm & Company balances colors and tones beautifully. The cool gray curtains and light greige walls play up the abundant natural light, while the caramel brown leather sofa adds inviting warmth. Accents in cool and warm neutral colors balance the space, and touches of blue and green bring the outside in.


2. Indigo Blue

Dark and light wood tones mix with blues, whites, and greens in this room by Mark D. Sikes. But also hard at work here are lots of subtle textures and pattern. Most obviously, there's the pattern play of the indigo-and-white throw pillows and pretty statement curtains. But the quiet interplay of the wood textures and patterns also adds complexity to the space — in the woven side table, chair, window treatments along the back wall, and paneled white wood ceiling.



3. Mustard Yellow

Curtains can really help tell the story of a space, as illustrated in this living room by Ashley Montgomery Design. In a muted mustard yellow windowpane pattern, these curtains set a modern country farmhouse mood. The honey-colored wood coffee table and baskets, along with mix-and-match pillows, complete the picture.


4. Orange

Orange and brown are a classic color combination. They work especially well in this room by Urban Grace Interiors thanks to the orangey undertones of the brown wood and leather pieces, with navy blue as the perfect complement. But why does it all work so well together? The curtain here ties it all in a bow by incorporating the color palette in one sweet pattern.


5. Emerald Green

Designer Zoe Anderson is all about luxe maximalism, and this corner of her living room certainly shows it. Moody and glam, it feels like a little jewel box in which that emerald green curtain is absolutely essential. With its subtle sheen and heavy drape, you can imagine how, when closed, it must envelope the room, along with the green walls, in a sumptuous cocoon of color.


6. Dark Khaki

This room is mostly tonal, decorated in shades of brown, white, and cream (plus a bit of green). That leaves lots of creative room to make a big splash with curtains, and Atelier ND does not hold back. The bold and graphic dark khaki and cream curtains add a lovely pop of pattern even when they're open. And they'll create an even more dramatic statement when they're drawn closed.

7. Mauve

A little bit modern traditional, a little bit granny chic, this room by designer Heidi Caillier nods to the past in a cool, retro way, including the curtains with their traditional valance and mauve color. With its dusty brownish undertones, this shade of pink pairs easily with wood furnishings, like the stately armoire, light fixture, and wall trim here.

8. Teal

Sometimes, what a room calls for is a ceiling wallpapered in a teal dinosaur motif. And when it does, one great way to naturally draw the eye up is with floor-to-ceiling teal curtains in a coordinating, if less busy, pattern. Such appears to have been the call for Amie Corley Interiors with this children's bedroom, and the outcome is quite special. The warm wood tones are balanced by the crisp white, teal and blue for a fun and visually balanced space.


9. Muted Orange, Olive Green, and White

If someone told you to imagine a room with dark wood and olive furnishings and floor-to-ceiling wallpaper, it might all sound like way too much — not to mention adding curtains and bedding in the same floral pattern. But this room by Peter Dunham and Associates makes it all work beautifully by keeping the pattern super light and airy with a white background and muted orange and green floral block print. With curtains that camouflage into the walls, everything stays in proper proportion.

10. Olive Green

In a dining room, the table is a natural focal point, and a beautiful light fixture hanging above it is a great way to dress it up. Zoë Feldman Design takes that approach in this room, with the chandelier as the star of the show. Playing a key supporting role, however, are the lush olive green curtains, which mirror and complement the room's other decor elements in all the right ways — their golden brown sheen echoes that of the brass table legs while simultaneously contrasting the cool blue walls.

11. Brown

Wondering how to make brown curtains work with brown furniture? Have a look at this room by Tracey Hairston of Mocha Girl Place for one lovely way to do it. Here, she's embraced a warm color palette of oranges, mustards, and shades of brown including pinky brown and caramel. She uses multiple shades of wood furnishings and accessories, but all with warm undertones, plus olive green as a complement. Note her use of layered textiles and pillows to add a luxe boho feel to the space, and how the velvet texture of the throw pillows is repeated in the caramel velvet curtain.

12. Beige

As very light browns, beige or tan curtains are a great match with brown furniture for a tonal, monochromatic look. In this room by Peter Dunham and Associates, the vibe is traditional, warm, and masculine. The beige curtains bring some needed lightness to the dark woods and leather, as well as a bit of extra visual interest thanks to their black scroll and medallion print. The pattern is subtle enough to keep the space feeling sophisticated but also adds a worldly touch.

Curtain Colors That Go With Brown Furniture

As you search for a color of curtains to go with your brown furniture, consider the undertones of the browns you're working with, as well as the overall look of your room. Dark brown or wood tones look modern when contrasted by crisp white or beige; when layered with vibrant colors or jewel tones, they look extra rich. Honey browns marry well with mustard yellow, teal, or mauve, and blonde wood or beige furniture looks great with gray and white for modern boho and Scandi interiors. Below are some of our favorite curtain colors for brown furniture:

  • Gray
  • Indigo blue
  • Mustard yellow
  • Orange
  • Emerald green
  • Dark khaki
  • Mauve
  • Teal
  • Muted orange
  • Olive green
  • White
  • Brown
  • Beige



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