This New Vegan Snack Brand Brings a Fresh Meaning to Plant-Based

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Living a vegan lifestyle has never been easier. The grocery aisles are lined with so many plant-based options from vegan cheese to vegan holiday cookies, no matter what city you live in — but the snack aisle could still use a little work. Basketball star, Olympic gold medalist, and certified vegan, Chris Paul, agrees, and has swooped in to save the day with his plant-based cape.


In collaboration with delivery platform, Gopuff, the athlete has created a new snack brand titled Good Eat'n. With everything from puffs to tortilla chips, and popcorn to rinds, there's something for everybody.

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The company is aiming to transform familiar-flavored bites into a plant-based dream. The snacks include the flavors Dill Pickle, Cookies 'n Creme, Nacho Cheeze, Classic BBQ, Hot Hot, California Style BBQ, and Cinnamon Sugar.

Paul has been a vegan since 2019 and has claimed that the switch has improved his performance on the court, and experiences less aches overall post-game. Now, his passion for a plant-based lifestyle has extended into the snack aisle.


"We wanted to make a product that was plant-based, but not just for plant-based eaters," Paul said during a press conference with VegNews. "It's for eaters. It's for people who want something that tastes good."

Aside from being vegan, the snacks contain no preservatives and zero synthetic or artificial flavors. If you want to give the snack a try, you can grab a couple (or all seven) bags through Gopuff — you'll definitely want to.



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