Salt and Straw's New Vegetable Ice Creams May Have the Strangest 2022 Flavors

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Charred Corn Curd, Cotija, and Tajin ice cream

On the heels of ice cream flavors like Flamin' Hot Cheetos, Kraft Mac and Cheese, and Thanksgiving Dinner, Salt and Straw is releasing its very own vegetable ice cream. Called "Veggies You Crave," the new confection collection just launched with five ice creams that feature summer vegetables.


Now, you can officially eat your veggies for dessert. From August 5 to September 2, the following flavors wil be available online and at all Salt and Straw scoop shops:

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  • Carrot Cake Batter with Pralined Hazelnuts:​ Plump, sugar-coated, and slow-roasted carrots blend into a creamy, spiced ice cream with a hint of molasses. This pillow-y carrot cake batter flavor makes for the perfect host to crunchy, candied hazelnuts and a swirl of cheesecake frosting.
  • Spinach Cake with Chocolate Tahini Fudge:​ Inspired by a classic Turkish dessert, spinach is baked into a fluffy golden-green cake slathered with chocolate frosting, then crumbled into a vanilla ice cream with smears of house-made tahini fudge.
  • Green Fennel and Maple:​ Fennel bulbs slow-steeped in maple give this a refreshing black licorice-like flavor. This luscious green ice cream is made from an entire fennel plant with roasted seeds and juiced leaves, then steeped in fennel pollen and sweet maple syrup.
  • Charred Corn Curd, Cotija, and Tajin:​ Summer nights are made for corn on the cob, and fewer preparations are more delectable than elotes. As an ode to this iconic Mexican dish, we torch fresh corn to bring out the rich, toasty flavor notes and blend it into a corn curd. This mixture is ribboned through a house-made mayo ice cream with a touch of lime and tajin, then crumbled with fresh cotija cheese.
  • Red Chili Curry and Makrut Lime Crispy Rice (vegan):​ Red chilis and coconut in a combination inspired by Southeast Asian curries. Chilis, lemongrass, ginger, and spices are roasted together with a splash of makrut lime and mixed into coconut cream. Topped off with handfuls of crispy rice florentines loaded with makrut lime.
Spinach Cake with Chocolate Tahini Fudge ice cream

Honestly, we're intrigued. For $65, you can order the entire collection of five pints on the Salt and Straw website.

Getting your kids to eat their veggies has never been easier.



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