There Are New "Thanksgiving Dinner" Ice Creams, and We Have Mixed Feelings

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This year, we're all about weird ice cream flavors like Kraft Macaroni and Cheese and even Flamin' Hot Cheetos. Yet, when it comes to ice cream inspired by Thanksgiving dinner, we're on the fence.


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Food & Wine​ reports that the iconic Salt & Straw ice cream brand will be re-releasing its Thanksgiving-inspired ice creams for the ninth year in a row. As part of the "Friendsgiving Series," you can expect the following fascinating flavors:


So essentially, you can get your entire Thanksgiving dinner in with all of these ice creams combined.

On the Salt & Straw website, all five pints in the Friendsgiving Series can be purchased together for $65 and shipped nationwide. Each individual pint can also be added to a pack of five (with the other flavors being whatever you choose) for $65. With the latter offering, a sixth pint can be added for an extra $10.

Or, if you happen to live near a Salt & Straw, you can pick up the pints there. You can see the brand's locations here.

If you're a fan of strange ice cream flavors and have to try them all, you'll definitely want to add these festive flavors to your list.