This Restaurant Is the Designer Version of a McDonald's PlayPlace

Photos by SHAO Feng
The Neobio Kids Restaurant
credit: SHAO Feng

Let's flash back to childhood, shall we? We don't know about you, but the most fun we ever had at a restaurant was zooming through a McDonald's PlayPlace. Now, there's a new eatery in Shanghai which pretty much puts our childhood fun to shame: Neobio Kids Restaurant is beautifully designed, pastel paradise engineered for specifically for playtime.

Chinese design firm XL-Muse spearheaded the project, which was inspired by a colorful hot air balloon rising up from an ancient castle.

kid playing
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credit: SHAO Feng

Calm your mom panic! Neobio has transparent acrylic crawl ways, allowing kids to explore, while allowing parents to keep tabs on their young ones.

ball pit
credit: SHAO Feng

Under each "hot air balloon" there is a pit filled with something fun, like toy balls or sand.

sand pit
credit: SHAO Feng

Winding and wavy crawl ways connect all the pits, so children can explore freely.

credit: SHAO Feng

The restaurant's theme actually has more to it: The castle and hot air balloon are meant to be a metaphor for the relationship between a parent and child, with the balloon symbolizing children's vitality, and the castle representing a sense of history (you know, like the wisdom of a parent).

kids restaurant
credit: SHAO Feng

Neobio's rule-breaking decor mixes natural wood elements with patterns and pastels.