Backdrop and Barbie Have Teamed up for the Ultimate Barbiecore Collection

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If you follow home design accounts on social media, your feed is likely flooded with Barbiecore inspo. The trend is influenced by (you guessed it) the iconic Barbie doll, released back in 1959, embodying bright colors and retro styles. If the nostalgia of the movement makes you yearn for your childhood days, you're in for a treat with this new Backdrop collection.


The paint brand has partnered with Barbie in honor of the 60th anniversary of the classic Barbie Dreamhouse, so now you can have your very own real-life fantasy home. The new colors include Barbie Dreamhouse Pink, Barbie Dreamhouse Purple, and Barbie Dreamhouse Blue.

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According to a press release, Barbie bought her first home in 1962, before women were even allowed to have their own bank accounts. The structure has received a ton of renovations over the years to reflect the design trends of the time, but the home itself remains one of the most known houses around the world — and understandably so. With a resume packed with over 200 careers, Barbie was once an interior designer.

"Backdrop has always seen color as the most impactful way to transform your space and approached painting as a joyful form of self-expression," said Natalie Ebel, Co-Founder of Backdrop in a press release. "As a mother of two young daughters and a woman of Filipino descent, this partnership also has a lot of personal meaning. Barbie's continuous evolution and spirit of inclusivity provides incredibly powerful role models for young boys and girls."


The paint company is devoted to green living, so its paint is Green Wise-certified, meaning the colors are tested to meet environmental standards, and is the very first Climate Neutral Certified paint brand.


The colors are selling for $45 for a half gallon or $69 for a full gallon, exclusively on the Backdrop website. Having your very own Barbie Dreamhouse has never been so attainable.



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