Backdrop and Coming Soon Teamed Up for a Bold Color of the Year

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'Tis the season for Color of the Year releases from the industry's most iconic paint brands. Glidden just revealed a stunning ivy as its Color of the Year, Dutch Boy hopped on the bandwagon with a neutral beige, and Valspar released an entire palette with a hue in it for everybody. Now, Backdrop has followed suit by announcing its own Color of the Year in collaboration with design shop Coming Soon — and the color is daring, to say the least.


What the two brands are calling "The Best Color in the Whole Wide World," this vibrant yellow-orange shade is intended to make more of a playful statement among the yearly trend forecasting tradition.

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"Since we launched Backdrop in 2018, we have always felt that paint is the most accessible and impactful way to transform a space," said Backdrop co-founder Natalie Ebel in a press release. "Rather than being driven by trends, the brand is based on a spirit of self-expression and a belief that color is a very personal choice for each of us. Why prescribe or dictate something like color of the year?"

This collab isn't the duo's first rodeo together. Backdrop and Coming Soon partnered up back in 2020 for a color palette that showcased a trio of bright paint colors, paired with limited-edition T-shirts.


"Coming Soon and Backdrop share a bit of the same irreverence and tongue-in-cheek sense of humor, so when we see a tradition that could use a little bit of reinvention, we can't help but give it our own spin," explained Ebel. "I hope Color of the Year sparks some conversation and debate. After all, if you can't have a little fun, what's the point?"

The Color of the Year will be available in a co-designed paint can at $45 for a half gallon and $69 for a full gallon on the Backdrop website and at Coming Soon's retail location in New York City. Your home is about to get a whole lot brighter.



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