11 Design Instagram Accounts to Follow in 2022

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Are you on a mission to elevate your design game in the new year? Look no further than Instagram. The app can be amazing source of inspiration, whether you love maximalist spaces or farmhouse details. The online world is truly your oyster.


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The trick, of course, is knowing where to look. To get you started, we've gathered our recommendations for design Instagram accounts to follow in 2022. Get ready, because your feed is about to look amazing!

With a background in both fashion and entertainment, designer Linda Hayslett is the go-to source for impeccable style. Her Instagram account is teeming with serious design inspiration, like this opulent fireplace before-and-after project.

For a fresh take on the modern farmhouse style, follow Reem Hassaballa on Instagram. Her spaces combine classic farmhouse details with a contemporary twist. Currently, she's updating a vintage home and has nailed the "bright and airy" look thus far.

Amber Lewis might very well be the queen of neutral color palettes. Her aesthetic combines natural hues with cozy textures and vintage details, resulting in beautifully soothing spaces. Loving her style? Check out Shoppe Amber Interiors, her store for "home essentials for laid-back living."


After leaving New York City for the Midwest, Catherine and Bryan Williamson went on to renovate a 1920s home. Since then, the couple has renovated and designed multiple properties, including vacation home rentals under The Village Host. Currently, the Williamsons are renovating a boutique B&B called The Harrison Guesthouse and sharing their journey on Instagram.

Elliott Green is an interior designer and stylist based in the U.K. His spaces boast a breathtaking balance of clean lines and natural elements, and, honestly, we're obsessed. Case in point: The combo of this luxe holiday floral arrangement and sleek circular mirror is pure perfection.

If there's anyone who can do it all, it's Dani Dazey. In addition to creating Insta-ready maximalist interiors for her home, she's also on the design team for Trixie Motel in Palm Springs, California. Every photo on her Instagram is colorful, bright, and downright fun.

If you're a fan of antique decor, you'll want to follow Natalie Wong's Instagram ASAP. She's managed the art of creating maximalist Victorian-inspired spaces with a touch of contemporary flair. Basically, if "modern regency" was in the dictionary, Wong's home would be right next to it.


According to Bhavin Taylor's Instagram, his design style is "bursting with color, pattern, and personality" — and we couldn't agree more. From a pink tiled bathroom to a vibrant green kitchen, Taylor's spaces are both unique and approachable.

If you're all about home renovation journeys, be sure to follow Jessica and Tyler Marés on Instagram. The couple is currently transforming their "ordinary suburban L.A. 1500-square-foot tract home into something extraordinary." Personally, we are swooning over their cozy blue kitchen.

Earlier this year, we chatted with Nicole Gibbons on Being Home with Hunker, our podcast. As the founder of Clare, a direct-to-consumer paint company, Gibbons knows a thing or two about choosing paint colors. On her Instagram, she also shares myriad stylish spaces, including some that feature her very own paints.

Calling all plant parents! If styling your plant babies feels like a struggle, you'll want to follow Stephanie on Instagram. Her page is brimming with ideas for staging plants, and we can't get enough.