10 Design Instagram Accounts to Follow in 2021

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If 2020 has taught us anything, it's the importance of creating a home environment that's a sanctuary. Now that many of us are doing everything from home β€” working, eating, exercising, relaxing, sleeping β€” we've felt ourselves especially inspired by spaces that evoke intention, calm, and personality. The best part is that anyone can achieve this, anywhere, and on any budget.


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When it comes to recommending design Instagram accounts to follow in 2021, we'd like to introduce you to design enthusiasts whose work evokes exactly what we all want after 2020: a space that actually feels like home.

After leaving her job in the fashion industry, Paula Sutton wanted to actively embrace her love of traditional British interiors. That's where her Instagram account, @hillhousevintage, comes into play. Featuring shabby chic pieces, vintage decor, and delightful gardening pics, it's no wonder why Sutton has become a cottagecore icon.

Dabito's aesthetic is the perfect blend of enviable and approachable. For a decade, he's been creating colorful-yet-cozy spaces for Old Brand New, his creative studio. That name pretty much sums up what we love about Dabito's work and want to take into 2021: It's familiar and comforting, but still feels bold and current.

Cyn Moreno is a DIY queen who has provided us with ​plenty​ of project inspiration as we've aimed to keep busy during quarantine. From a faux fireplace perfect for rental apartments to a comfy cloud ottoman, Moreno's Instagram is a trove of home DIY treasure we can't help but want for ourselves.

Cibran's design style is proof that good things ​do​ come in small packages. "Bringing my Cuban roots to a tiny studio" is how she captioned her bio, referring to her 280-square-foot New York apartment complete with plants galore, gallery wall goals, and lots of texture.


If you're looking to "think pink," Aileen Grodzinsky is your person. She describes her rose-colored home as "granny chic meets romantic eclectic," and proves that monochromatic interiors will never go out of style. If we were to pick a pink escape to run off to after this overwhelming year, Grodzinsky's home would definitely be it.

Author of Wild at Home: How to Style and Care for Beautiful Plants, Hilton Carter refers to himself as a "plant and interior stylist." In our eyes, he's a plant whisperer. Earlier this year, we had him tell us all about the presents he recommends for plant people and we've even gotten to peek inside his botanical office. Following him on Instagram is a must if you want to add greenery to your space, but don't know where to start.

Corey Damen Jenkins has impeccable style and has been given the awards and honors to prove it. He's a member of ​Elle DΓ©cor​'s A-List, the recipient of ​Traditional Home​'s New Trad Rising Star of Design Award, and has his first coffee table book coming out next year. Accolades aside, what we love most about Jenkins's work is his sharp attention to detail β€” every space he creates tells a story.

Katie Mack's Los Angeles home is both pleasing to the eye and soothing to the mind. It looks like the lovechild of all our favorite Etsy and vintage shops, portraying the design trends we've been forever ogling: statement wallpaper, shell decor, and lush fabrics that make us feel right at home.

Seana Freeman's home is packed with personality. She describes her style as "bold, soulful, eclectic glamour," and we couldn't agree more. Unafraid of colorful walls, patterns, and gold accents, Freeman's design aesthetic will inspire you to think big and get outside your comfort zone. Clearly, it pays off.

L.A.-based interior designer Jake Arnold is an expert in all things balance. While his spaces are simple and minimalist, they are also elevated and intricate. He manages to design rooms that are highly curated, yet welcoming β€” exactly what we want for 2021 β€” with each photograph on his Instagram providing endless inspiration for our own homes.


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