This House Has a Secret Hidden Pantry in the Strangest Place

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There's an inherent charm to hidden cupboards, rooms, and trapdoors. They bring a whimsical flair to any space, while also adding a little extra functionality.


A new house listing in Tulsa, Oklahoma boasts a hidden treasure of this sort, which was recently revealed in a post from Instagram users @kalesalad and @openhouse via Tulsa's premier real estate firm Engel & Völkers Tulsa.

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With an asking price of $2,500,000, the house has a large hidden pantry just off the kitchen, behind a door that's disguised as cupboards. The sneaky entryway opens to reveal a whole separate kitchen dreamland that includes ample shelving, appliances, counter space, and even an oven.

The comments section of the post is rife with hot takes about the hidden pantry. "I would forget I have something baking in that oven and burn my expensive house down within a week," says @rosytulips.


"Because it's Tulsa, I'll turn it into a Panic Room so I'll eat freshly baked chocolate chip cookies while plotting the doom of would be intruders and zombies," jokes @dosukoifish.

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