This House Has a 'Costco Door' in the Garage, and It's Genius

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We just discovered the most genius home feature known to humankind. On Instagram, both @zillowgonewild and @openhouse re-shared a video by licensed custom home builder @stephaniebuildsit, and in their clip, the clever Costco door is revealed. What is a Costco door, you ask? Get ready to have your mind blown.


The Costco door is an opening in the garage that connects directly to your pantry, allowing you to easily unload groceries from the car and slide them directly into the pantry. This would especially come in handy after shopping at a bulk retailer like Costco — hence the door's name.

Video of the Day

In this particular video, @stephaniebuildsit displays a small square Costco door with a keypad on it, which left many asking why a regular-size door couldn't be used.


In another video, @stephaniebuildsit shows off the "Costco door's big brother," which is a regular door connecting the pantry to the garage. "Not every home that we build has a huge pantry like this, so if you have a smaller or compact pantry, but you love the idea of a door, do the Costco door," the builder says. "They're usually 30 to 36 inches high and wide." That means the Costco door's dimensions can be adjusted based on the size of your space.


In the comments on both videos, users ask if the door is fire rated. In other words, is the Costco door rated for fire resistance? "Yes, just buy a solid-core door and cut it down in height," @stephaniebuildsit says in a comment. (Note: This door must also be self-closing to meet most local building codes.)

If you're building a new home or remodeling your current one, you'll definitely want to consider adding a Costco door. Just imagine how much time and energy it will save you after your next grocery trip.



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