This Is How Much the Homes From Your Favorite TV Shows Would Actually Cost

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How many times have you watched a movie or TV show that features gorgeous interiors and thought to yourself, "Wow, what a nice home. I wonder how much it costs?" Well, La Jolla realtors did some research, and even though these homes are fictional, they've figured out just how much a similar place in each area would go for — just in case you're looking to move and live out your own Hollywood dreams.


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Coming in at the highest value is a five-bedroom, five-bathroom Bel-Air mansion, similar to the iconic home in ‌Fresh Prince of Bel-Air‌ at $9,000,000. Tied for second is a six-bedroom home in the suburbs of Chicago, like the one in ‌‌Home Alone,‌‌ and a stunning five-bedroom Victorian house in San Francisco akin to the Tanner residence in ‌‌Full House.

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A similar New York City apartment featured in ‌Friends‌ goes for about $2,000,000 (we all knew this one was too good to be true), and if you're looking for a home under one million dollars, you could think about the ‌Twilight‌ house in Forks, Washington, where a home will run at about $305,000.

Other homes under a million dollars include Max and Dani's Salem, Massachusetts, home in ‌Hocus Pocus‌ ($520,000), the Dursley's home in the ‌Harry Potter‌ franchise ($615,000), and Carrie Bradshaw's Upper East Side apartment in ‌Sex and the City‌ ($700,000).


Check out the full list below:

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Bel-Air, Los Angeles, California

Five-bedroom, five-bathroom mansion


Home Alone

Winnetka, Illinois

Six-bedroom, five-bathroom family house


Full House

Lower Pacific Heights, San Francisco, California

Five-bedroom, four-bathroom three-story Victorian house


The Holiday

Holmbury St Mary, Surrey, England

Two-bedroom cottage



Manhattan, New York

Two-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment


Sex and the City (Carrie's Apartment)

Upper East Side, Manhattan, New York

One-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment


Harry Potter (Dursley House)

Surrey, England

Three-bedroom, two-bathroom house


Hocus Pocus (Max and Dani's House)

Salem, Massachusetts

Three-bedroom, two-bathroom house


The Notebook

Seabrook, South Carolina

Five bedroom, five-bathroom house


Twilight (Charlie's house)

Forks, Washington

Two-bedroom, one-bathroom house


While these homes are fictional, who's to say you can't live like your favorite on-screen characters. Hey, we can dream.