8 Siding Colors That Go Beautifully With Red Brick Exteriors

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Nothing is more classic and charming than a red brick exterior. Traditionally, this material has been used for the likes of Victorian, Tudor, Colonial, and cottage-style homes. Modern homes continue to use red brick exteriors because they're timeless, durable, and low-maintenance. Because of their insulating qualities, you'll often see brick homes in states that experience cold winters.


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Exterior siding offers additional protection to the outside of your home and comes in a range of materials. Because an entire facade made of red brick is pretty pricey, you'll commonly see brick combined with other kinds of siding materials, like wood, vinyl, stucco, or metal.

Architect Kayleigh Harp from Harp and Harp design studio says that when it comes to selecting coordinating colors for red brick, it's very much a personal choice. "Is the look traditional or modern, discreet or a celebration of personality? Red brick is a fantastically rich material and as such can be complemented by a wide range of colors," she says. Because Harp and her team tend to work on older or heritage properties, she explains that they tend to "stick to classic shades that draw from those periods like muted greens, reds and blues."


If you're planning a straightforward monochromatic or analogous color scheme, you might want to opt for warm shades similar to your red brick, such as orange. Neutral colors, like white, gray, or earth tones, are commonly chosen to pair with red brick because they're safe and not overwhelming. Complementary cool shades like blue or green work wonders if you want a contrasting effect.


You'll also need to consider the shade and undertone of the red brick. Some have a muted rust color, while others are closer to brown or orange. Allison Vaccaro, cofounder of virtual exterior design service Brick & Batten, says, "[I] often look for grays in the brick and will use a paint color that will bring that out. For example, Sherwin-Williams' Iron Ore can look amazing with red brick that has some subtle dark grays in it. [It] also has enough warmth to pair well with most bricks."


Whichever route you decide to take, make sure to test colors by painting a sample area of your exterior. You'll want to see how it looks in different lighting conditions before you commit.

Looking for more inspiration to up your curb appeal? Check out these eight siding colors that go with red brick.


8 Siding Colors That Go With Red Brick Houses

1. Sage Green

Sage green is a classic color to combine with red brick. This modern Tudor-style home from Main Street Design Build uses the subtle pairing to great effect, with sage green garage doors and trim as well as siding. The result is a harmonious finish where the red brick doesn't look too overpowering and blends in well with the surrounding landscape of leafy trees. If you want to try a different shade of green, consider dark forest for a dramatic look or olive for a more traditional appearance.


2. Greige

Image Credit: Ariane Moore for Hunker
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Allison Vaccaro from Brick & Batten recommends warm greige paint colors like Benjamin Moore Manchester Tan and Rockport Gray to go with red brick. The greige siding on this charming home blend well with the red brick, while the darker trim color provides just enough contrast. The overall effect is subtle, warm, and classic.


3. White

The ultimate go-to neutral, white siding offers a classic, clean appearance when paired with red brick. This color combination complements almost any architectural style and provides a timeless and elegant finish. Here, a traditional farmhouse exterior uses black wrought iron railings to frame the front porch. The sharp contrast creates a stylish, modern look — and the perfect backdrop for seasonal decor, like this autumn wreath.


4. Navy Blue

Red brick is a common addition on Craftsman-style homes, like this one from Addison's Wonderland. The dark blue siding adds a modern twist, and this cool color choice contrasts perfectly with the brick and white trim, producing a cohesive flow. Darker colors like this makes the warm tones of the brick really pop.

5. Beige

If you're looking to introduce a warm, subtle complementary color to sit alongside red bricks, why not try beige siding? The pale shade of brown brings a harmonious feel to this Cape Cod colonial home from James Hardie. The uncomplicated styling works perfectly with a classic, practical design.

6. Brown and White

Tudor houses are instantly recognizable for the decorative half-timbering on their exterior. Dark brown timbers and white plaster are the most common combo, and using them alongside red brick creates a distinctive, dramatic effect. You'll never have to worry about this blend going out of style.

7. Gray

Gray siding offers a cool, neutral contrast to warm red brick. For her house, Christin of My Homier Home chose Sherwin-Williams' Dorian Gray for the main siding and the darker Gauntlet Gray for the trim. The result is a modern take on a classic that will undoubtedly age well.

8. Yellow

Image Credit: Ariane Moore for Hunker
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Yellow complements red shades well, but opting for bright yellow siding might make your house stick out like a sore thumb. The subdued French vanilla shade used for the siding on this house creates a sunny vibe that looks beautiful beside the surrounding landscape. The brickwork, roof, and siding all blend perfectly together.

Siding Colors That Go With Red Brick Houses

When selecting siding to go with red brick housing, consider the shade of the bricks, the architectural style of your home, and the mood you're trying to achieve. Neutral colors are a safe choice, while warm earth tones will blend well with brick, and cool shades will create a bit more contrast. Some of the siding colors that go best with red brick include:

  • Sage green
  • Greige
  • White
  • Navy blue
  • Beige
  • Brown
  • Gray
  • Yellow