10 Carpet Colors That Go With Gray Walls

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Gray continues to be a popular paint color in the living room, bedroom, and other rooms in the house for a variety of reasons: It is versatile and neutral, timeless but modern, and can make a statement without overwhelming a space. In color psychology, gray represents neutrality. After all, it's the shade that brings white and black together. However, depending on the hue you choose, gray may offer warm or cool undertones, which can make choosing the right carpet or rug to go with it a bit challenging. Also, just as natural lighting can impact the way a particular shade of gray looks in your space, so can the tone of your flooring.


In order to create a cohesive and balanced space, you need to select your paint and carpet palette carefully, suggests Anna Franklin of Stone House Collective. "It is important to look at the warm or cool undertones not only in your paint, but also the undertones in the accent colors you want to work with to ensure they are the same," she explains. If you don't know the undertone, you can always ask the paint expert you are purchasing from.

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Franklin approaches the process by starting out with the wall color and considering all options: Do you want to go lighter or darker? Warmer or cooler? What hue would look best in your space with the lighting? Once this has been determined, she suggests moving on to the carpet options. "Select a color with the same undertone, whether that be warm or cool," she says. "With gray, creating a contrast typically works best; for instance, going lighter with cream, or darker with a navy blue or hunter green."


Before you choose your carpet, however, take a moment to consider the various options of style and material.

Carpet Styles to Consider for Gray Walls

Carpet is a popular flooring choice for spaces both large and small, for a variety of reasons, explains Franklin. "The pros of using carpet is that it adds warmth, softness, and a quietness to a room, and you can choose from a lot of variety," she says. For bedrooms and playrooms, it is the coziest option of flooring available. And, if you live in a colder climate, it will offer warmth, especially during the winter months. It also diminishes sound, which makes it ideal for the upper levels of multi-level homes. Plus, there are so many different materials and designs to choose from.


As for the cons, she points out that carpet is susceptible to water damage and can be higher maintenance in the long term compared to hard floors, as it requires regular cleaning in order to keep it looking and feeling new and fresh.

There are quite a few different carpet options on the market depending on your desired style and your overall budget. Nylon and wool are the two most popular. "Nylon is very soft, durable, and resistant to stains and abrasion, which is great for children and high-traffic areas," says Franklin. It is typically more affordable than other options, and lasts around 12-15 years.



Wool, on the other hand, is a natural fiber that often lasts a very long time, and is extremely soft. "However, it is very susceptible to staining and tends to be pricier than other options," says Franklin.

There are also a few different ways to add carpet to your space. One is wall-to-wall carpeting. "This will dramatically affect the look and feel of your room, while helping to create warmth," Franklin says, noting that this installation style is ideal for young kids, or the home of an elderly person, because it creates the most even surface. Alternatively, you could also go for carpet tiles; this option gives you more flexibility in your designs and is easier to replace in small portions as needed.


When choosing the right carpet for your space, it is important to consider your personal needs. "If you live alone or with a partner, you will likely have different needs than a young family might have," explains Franklin. If you do have kids or pets, finding a carpet that is durable and easy to clean is vital. Same goes for color selection. Anyone with pets or young children might want to opt for darker colors, which are less likely to show stains than lighter hues.


10 Carpet Colors for Gray Walls

1. White

White is a classic choice for carpet color as it provides a bold, clean look. It also creates a great template to showcase your interior design style. Just make sure to pay attention to the undertones of your gray paint. "If you have a cooler tone, going with a crisp, cool white carpet will be best," Franklin advises. In this bedroom by Studio McGee, the slightly warm carpet is a perfect match for the whitewashed wood ceiling.



2. Ivory or Cream

As an alternative to white, consider ivory or cream carpet. These off-white shades both have a subtle yellow undertone, and like white, they are also extremely versatile, especially for those who have colorful artwork or furnishings. "In addition to complementing [gray] beautifully, they will help add warmth, while also creating contrast," Franklin notes. In this bedroom by Randy Heller, ivory carpet allows the white accents in the room, like the lampshades and wall trim, to really pop.


3. Gray

When using light gray paint color on walls, interior designer Cristina Lehman likes to go for a monochromatic look and use a light gray carpet color. "This keeps the base neutral so you can add color elsewhere through area rugs, pillows, decor, and greenery," she says. You can do the same with dark gray as well. "If you go [the monochromatic] route, ensure you use a darker hue for the carpet than the wall, as it will help draw the eye upwards to create the illusion of a larger space," adds Franklin.


4. Blue

Gray walls and blue carpet are a classic combination. "Blue is naturally a cool color, so more often than not, it will go best with a cool gray, but there are also warm blue options available as well," Franklin says. Also, keep in mind that navy blue is basically a neutral. In this playful room by KBW Interiors, the white and gray walls and navy carpet provide a canvas for bold colors like purple, aqua, and tangerine.


5. Brown

A brown carpet or jute rug works great with gray walls because you will often find these colors paired together in nature. "This combination is simple and elegant, and is another classic color combination," explains Franklin. In this home theater by Lindsey Brooke Design, charcoal and chocolate brown create a soothing environment perfect for relaxation.

6. Beige

Beige carpet adds instant warmth to rooms with gray walls. Paired with light gray, it creates a cozy, well-balanced space. With dark gray, it can add welcome brightness. This neutral combo is great for a contemporary or modern style, creating a sleek look.

7. Green

Having carpet with green accents within it will create a calming effect in your space. "I typically pair cool greens with cool grays, such as light olive or turquoise," says Franklin. This patterned green rug is made up of carpet tiles from FLOR, which can be configured in a variety of shapes and sizes, including wall-to-wall. The gray and olive accents tie in all the other elements of the room for a beautiful, cohesive space.


8. Pink

Add a pop of color to your space with pink carpet. "Pink and gray is another classic combination, as the contrasting colors work very well together," Franklin explains. As for your carpet, you don't need to pick a solid pink carpet. Instead, choose a patterned one (like the FLOR option above) to add playfulness to your space.

9. Black

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Those desiring a sleek and modern look should consider black carpet. "Black works well with darker shades of gray because it adds a deeper contrast that makes the space feel richer," says Franklin. Like light beige and gray, a tan and black color scheme creates an appealing temperature balance.

10. Multi-Colored

Multi-color carpet will add vibrancy to your space. If you aren't ready to commit to the look with wall-to-wall carpet, Franklin suggests trying carpet tiles, as they allow you to bring in multiple hues and undertones in a way that makes sense. You can also opt for multi-colored carpet with a neutral palette. "Sticking with a warm neutral gives you the perfect blank slate for room design options," adds Anastasia Casey, founder of The Identitè Collective and IDCO Studio.

Carpet Colors That Go With Gray Walls

Gray is one of the most popular paint color choices for a variety of reasons. Incredibly versatile, clean, and sophisticated, it comes in many different shades and goes with every interior design aesthetic. While gray walls can work with a variety of carpet colors, it is important to consider your lifestyle, the desired look and feel of your space, and the particular shade of gray paint you're working with. Bottom line: Make sure to look at the warm or cool undertones not only in your paint, but also in the accent colors you want to work with to ensure they are the same or complementary. "By doing so, you will create a cohesive and balanced space," says Franklin.

To recap, here are some of the best carpet colors to pair with gray walls:

  • White
  • Ivory or Cream
  • Gray
  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Beige
  • Green
  • Pink
  • Black
  • Multi-Colored



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