The 23 Best Yellow Rugs to Brighten Your Space

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It's pretty evident that yellow is the color of joy. It's warm, energizing, and is actually a whole lot more versatile than one may think. And when it comes to yellow rugs, they can truly make a space. In fact, we are huge fans. But there are a few things to watch out for. Firstly, while this likely doesn't come as a shock, yellow can be quite overpowering if not implemented correctly. That's why we love yellow rugs that also incorporate rich browns and beiges, as they almost feel like deeper shades of mustard that therefore blend so effortlessly. They truly are a match made in heaven.


Solid rugs are a bit trickier, however. While not impossible, monochromatic yellow carpets are tough to properly execute. Patterned yellow rugs feature other colors that tone them down, but when the rug is solid, it's best to stick with something that leans more toward mustard or is crafted from textured wool that can help soften the intensity of the shade. That brings us to the final warning: Yellow rugs can easily look cheap, more so than blue or green carpets, for example. Especially when shopping online, it's crucial to check out the material, texture, and reviews since yellow often photographs differently than it looks in person. The good news? We did the legwork for you. From abstract shag rugs to two-tone geometric carpets, here are 23 yellow rugs that are truly obsession-worthy.

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Abstract Patterned Area Rugs

1. MINNA Mosaic Pile Rug in Sand, $375-$5,600

The organic tones and earthy shades are a subtle way to welcome yellow into the home.


2. Cizgi Flatweave Rug, $863-$2,880

Dusty rose, walnut brown, and camel shine against the deep mustard in this made-to-order work of art.


3. Anthropologie Hand-Knotted Tiger Stripe Rug, $598-$2,898

Here, we have the perfect abstract take on a tiger-striped pattern.


4. Surcoma Custom Moroccan Wool Rug, $260-$2,600


This handmade Moroccan rug from Etsy is one of the most unique pieces we've seen in a while.


5. Anthropologie Hand-Tufted Marnie Shag Area Rug, $98-$1,798

Up the coziness level with this plush, hand-tufted wool carpet.


6. MINNA Norma Rug Rust, $325-$3,400

Woven in a small village in Oaxaca, the camel material is actually a very rare shade of naturally existing raw wool.


7. AfriKesh Handmade Moroccan Abstract Rug, $119-$4,200

Handwoven by Berber women in the Atlas mountains, this rug is one that'll last a lifetime. Plus, it comes in a wide variety of sizes, all the way up to 14 feet by 20 feet.



8. Anthropologie Handwoven Citrine Maran Shag Rug, $98.00-$1,798.00

This light yellow carpet has the most stunning and intricate tassels that you need to zoom in on to truly appreciate.


Solid Area Rugs

9. Rugs USA Handwoven Chaste Area Rug, starting at $115.30-$461.60

If you're looking for an affordable, solid rug with a beautiful woven texture, look no further than this jute and cotton rug by Rugs USA.

10. Urban Outfitters Greyson Solid Mustard Shaggy Rug, $189.00-$389.00

Searching for even more texture and some tassels for detail? This shaggy rug from Urban is where it's at.


11. Anthropologie Citron Hand-Tufted Ana Shag Rug, $98-$1,798

This bright shade of citron will add such happiness to your space, while its slightly weathered look still keeps it cool. Plus, it's so comfortable that you'll want to sleep on the floor.

Intricately Patterned Area Rugs

12. Rugs USA Lindsey Geometric Wool Area Rug, starting at $228.70

Rich jewel tones blend with a strong yellow to create this carpet that looks much more expensive than it actually is.

13. SoHo Rug, starting at $49

Gray and yellow make such an ideal color combo. Plus, the shades of ivory, light brown, and beige tone down this statement-making rug.


14. Art Decor Rugs Mustard Yellow Turkish Rug, $75.65-$327.25

Match this Turkish rug with other bold colors or add it to an otherwise neutral space for a little pop.

15. Surya Middleton Meadow Area Rug, starting at $106

This striking indoor area rug shows off all the beautiful deep hues of yellow.

16. Bokara Rug Co., Inc. Savonile Ravenna Azm Hand-Knotted Silk Area Rug, $1,370-$2,560

Light yellow and amber combine to give you the full spectrum of this magical color.

Geometric Area Rugs

17. Anthropologie Tufted Stripe Ochre Illusion Rug, $178.00-$1,398.00

It doesn't get much more unique than this Illusion Rug from Anthro.

18. Urban Outfitters Maize Checkerboard Shaggy Rug, $49-$399

Hop on the checkerboard trend with this ultra-affordable modern area rug from Urban Outfitters.

19. The Citizenry Mendoza Chunky Wool Area Rug, $1,595-$2,495

You can never go wrong with stripes. This rug may be yellow, but it's actually pretty neutral.

Color Block Area Rugs

20. Lorena Canals Reversible Twin Rug, $159-$549

We love a gradient moment. And here we have one at its finest.

21. Chandra Rugs Metro Tufted Wool Area Rug, $68-$924

If you like the look of a solid rug but want a little extra something-something, this one's for you.

Outdoor Area Rugs

22. Wade Logan Aiah Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug, starting at $44.99-$289.99

Emulate the sunshine with this textured, flatweave classic.

23. Casavani Homes Handmade Mustard Cotton Outdoor Rug, $45.50-$979.30

Just as lovely indoors as it is outdoors.