The Totally Unexpected Fall Decor Trends You Can Master Before Anyone Else

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A lot is said about fall decor trends every year — some of it by us. But while some autumn go-to trends are to be expected every year (cozy textures, mood lighting, metallics ...), every once in a while we receive a trend report that boldly strays from the norm.


This year, that report came from design marketplace Chairish. Their predictions offered fresh, unexpected new themes and aesthetics we hadn't seen for a while, all purposefully repackaged for the current moment. While these trends and styles might not be the ones you'll see in every mass market store, that's what makes them so special — they're up-and-coming, so you can be among the first to up-and-get-them.


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Tramp Art

We'll be the first to admit — we weren't sure what "tramp art" was before, either. But now that it's on our radar, we can't get enough of this folksy-yet-edgy craft. "We are wild for tramp art!" says Chairish co-founder and style expert Anna Brockway. "Although it was originally crafted for cigar boxes, you can find it in a range of products from accessories to tables and even seating. Great and well-kept pieces are few and far between, making this rustic accent feel like a real treasure," she explains. Although little is known of the exact origin of this style, it is believed nomads and hobos began repurposing discarded wood fragments to make elaborate pieces of art in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, giving them the name "Tramp artists." While historic tramp art pieces can be tricky to find, many reproductions mimic the classic look in new materials, lending a fresh edge to these pieces.


1. Swedish Amager Tramp Art Shelf, $350

This unique, geometric shelf would look great hanging among a gallery wall.


2. 1930s White Tramp Art Mirror, $729


Put this striking wall mirror against a dark colored wall to really let the detail of the tramp art shine.


2. Dimond Lighting Punk 29 Inch Table Lamp, $243

This glossy table lamp mimics the look of tramp art in a modern way.


3. Modern Wall Framing Co. Pyramid Compo Picture Frame, $35

These custom frames are a spot-on way to bring the look to your favorite photos and artworks, especially in the distressed black finish.


Perforated Metals

Glossy and light-catching metals like brass and copper tend to trend as we move into colder months, but the way they're appearing this year is something special. "These unique details are similar to fan favorites cane and rattan, but are presented in a much more industrial style," describes Brockway. "This makes perforated details a chic look for tables, seating and all types of lighting." While, at a glance, these perforated styles do mimic the look of some woven cane motifs, the metal gives a glossy-glam or industrial upgrade to the look. We especially love the unique glow cast by perforated metal lighting options — a fast-track to hygge vibes if we've ever seen one.



Mathieu Matégot Style Perforated Metal Coffee Table, $5,000

Just be sure to have coasters at the ready for this one.


Vintage 1950s Red Arlus Wall Lights, set of 2, $2800

Retro, perforated, colorful, brass ... these sconces check every box.


Article Perforate Brass Table Lamp, $69

An affordable (and atmospheric) way to dip your toes into this trend.

HAY Perforated Tray, $22

These moody, mix-and-match colors are a nice alternative to high-shine brass.



A far cry from your art class days, this season's collage trend is modern, creative, and just plain fun to incorporate at home. "Many of the artists we work with in the Chairish Artist Collective are expanding beyond traditional photography or painting by blending materials," Brockway says. "There's something so cool and unexpected about mixing and layering these printed materials, paint and text for the ultimate one-of-a-kind look." As we head into the colder, darker months, it makes sense to add the type of infusion of energy and brightness into the home that a dynamic collage piece can provide.

1. "Maya as Gaia" Original Collage Print by Rochelle Sodipo, $350

A fittingly bold tribute to the great Maya Angelou.

2. "Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost" Framed Art Print by Lara Fowler, $298

A modern pop-art piece that's infinitely Instagrammable.


3. Okay Collage Paper Collage Original Art, $50

Surreal yet soothing.

4. Lizzie Gill Houseparty #1 Limited Edition Framed Print, $450

A beachy, retro-inspired collage to brighten up any corner.



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