How Scandinavians Clean (Easy Tips to Totally Steal)

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Squeaky is all about the borderline genius hacks and ideas that keep literally every inch of your space pristine.

Scandinavian style (think IKEA or hygge) has become extremely popular, and we can totally see why. The Scandinavian lifestyle is extremely clean, organized, and clutter-free — and without a bunch of fuss. So, if you're in need a little inspiration in cleaning your space, read on for some helpful, easy-to-try tips.


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Get rid of the clutter.

Scandinavians believe in a less-is-more mentality. The idea is, only keep what you need and love so your space is calm and serene. You won't find tons of storage containers and cabinets in most Scandinavian homes because they don't believe in holding onto things and storing them away just in case they may need them someday.


Lose the carpeting.

Scandinavians don't usually have carpeting in their homes. Instead, most of their homes have wood floors, which are considered easier to clean and more hygienic. They do use throw rugs, which can easily be washed or shaken out outside to remove dirt and debris.


Clean as you go.

Scandinavians are also known for keeping things clean all of the time. Instead of leaving things lying around, they adhere to a "put things away" attitude. You won't find things just lying around; everything has a place and purpose.


Scandinavians also typically have lots of light in their homes because of the severe darkness they live in during winter months, so they dust and clean messes as they see them instead of dedicating special days for cleaning.

Take your shoes off in the house.

Scandinavians don't typically wear shoes indoors, which keeps dirt and debris from outside from entering their home. Instead, they have a dedicated space where they enter their home for shoes. If you'd like to jump on this trend, you could place a basket by your front door for guests to remove their shoes. (Or, try this DIY for a space-saving shoe storage solution.) You could even go the extra mile and provide washable slippers or socks for your guests.

Scandinavians really do seem to have it all figured out when it comes to maintaining less stressful, clean, and uncluttered homes ... an idea we can definitely get behind!