How to Keep Your Desk Dust Free

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Maintain a clean desk by reducing the dust level in the environment.

Keeping dust from accumulating on your desk has less to do with desk cleaning, and more to do with cleaning the surrounding area to prevent dust from settling on your desk. Air vents, fans, and floors cause dust to circulate through the air, which results in the dust landing on your desk. Dust consists of dead skin cells, fabric particles, and dirt that naturally builds up in your home and is unavoidable, but manageable.


Step 1

Clean your carpeting with a vacuum cleaner to suction up dust from the floor.

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Step 2

Damp mop your hardwood floors, or use a soft, lint-free cleaning cloth to pick up dust. A vacuum cleaner on hardwood floors blows dust into the air, which results in floating dust that settles onto your desk. Wipe your ceiling fan's blades, as they are prone to dust buildup that moves around the room when the fan is turned on.


Step 3

Change your air cleaner's filter monthly. Dust sticks to the filter and reduces the air cleaner's ability to push out clean air. As a result, the dust also circulates around the room with the filtered air.

Step 4

Avoid using furniture oil or wax on your desk. Waxes and oils leave a tacky surface that attracts dust. Clean your desk with a damp cloth to remove dust and reduce dust circulation.



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