7 Home Office Cleaning Steps for an Organized Start to 2022

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It's undeniable that in 2021 we saw a continuation of the work from home theme from 2020, and it's clear that this is a trend that's here to stay. It's also undeniable that the more time we all spend in our home offices, the dirtier they get. To help you come up with a game plan for cleaning your work space and starting off fresh in 2022, we've rounded up a handy list of some of the best home office cleaning hacks. After all, a clean office is the first step in tackling everything else on your to do list.


Video of the Day

1. Use desk organizers to keep things tidy.

There's almost nothing as satisfying as taking a cluttered desk and organizing it impeccably with some choice tools. TikTok user @im2organized shows us how to do it in this video. You just need decorative paper and desk dividers from IKEA to create sections for all your office supplies. Turns out desk organization ASMR is a very real thing!

2. Clean your windows.

There's nothing more depressing than dirty windows, so let the sun shine in on your workspace by cleaning your windows, blinds, frames, and sills with either a damp cloth or an old sock and white vinegar. Or, use this handy Swiffer hack, courtesy of @maizimmy on TikTok.

3. Use sticky notes to clean up food crumbs.

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We know that most desks turn into dining tables throughout the day, and food crumbs have a way of getting lodged into the most hard-to-reach places. A handy hack is to fold a sticky note such that the adhesive strip is exposed, and run it into those pesky areas like between the keys of your keyboard and cracks in your desk. Or, look for slim cleaning brushes, like this one, during your next shopping trip.


4. Use a hairdryer to get rid of water rings.

Any work from home warrior is never too far from a glass of water, but this inevitably leads to unsightly water rings left behind on your desk. But fear not! Try scrubbing the water ring with some mayonnaise — yup, you read that correctly. You can also use a hairdryer set to low, and direct it at the stain for a few minutes.

5. Use dry erase boards and sheets for notes.

To limit paper clutter and save some trees, opt for dry erase boards and sheets instead of paper to make lists and take notes. This TikTok from @toponlinefinds demonstrates the power of dry erase technology for staying organized in your home office. Available in different sizes, the M.C. Squares products are reusable and super handy — just run water on the sticky side to reactivate the adhesive after each use! Or check out this TikTok from @grayhousedesignco that shows you how to use electrical tape for added workflow efficiency.

6. Hang up wall shelves.

This tip requires a bit more effort, but installing even one or two wall shelves will go a long way in helping to better organize your office and save space. Use them to store your color-coded books and craft supplies, or even to display inspirational decor. Anything that will free up some much-needed space on your desk is worth drilling a few holes in your wall.


7. Clean your keyboard.

Cleaning your keyboard is an often overlooked task, but it's something that should be done regularly. The oils (and let's face it, the food residue) transferred from our fingers to our keyboards are abundant and should be removed for not only our health and safety, but that of our keyboard as well. Use a can of compressed air to blow away the dust and food particles. After that, dip Q-tips into alcohol and run them between each key. The last step is to lightly spray disinfectant on the tops of the keyboard and then wipe with a paper towel or cloth.