8 Unexpected Ways to Use Canned Air

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If you're all about products that play double duty, you'll want to grab a can of compressed air. Also known as canned air or gas duster, compressed air is commonly used to remove dust from keyboards and electronics. Its talents don't stop there, though — the product can be used in myriad parts of the home, from the kitchen to the car.


Not convinced? Check out these unexpected ways to use compressed air.

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1. Dust Your Blinds

Instead of wiping down each and every slat, dust your blinds with compressed air. You can also use this hack in addition to regular dusting to ensure every crevice is completely clean.


2. Remove Tiny Hairs in an Electric Razor

Dislodge tiny hairs from an electric razor with a blast or two of canned air. It's easier (and safer) than using your fingers or a brush.

3. Dislodge Debris in Your Car

With so many nooks and crannies, the inside of a car can be frustrating to clean. Use compressed air to dispel debris from awkward crevices, then vacuum it up. You can also use compressed air to remove dust from commonly used spaces, like the dashboard, center console, and the area around the steering wheel.


4. Clean Decorative Items

Decorative items can be fun to display, but let's face it — they can attract a ​lot​ of dust. Instead of cleaning one piece at a time, use compressed air to quickly remove dust off the items and surrounding surfaces.

5. Remove Residue in a Coffee Grinder

Coffee grinders are extremely versatile. Aside from coffee beans, they can also grind fresh spices, flax seeds, and herbs — just to name a few. But unless you want your coffee to taste like rosemary or cilantro, it's worth giving your coffee grinder a deep clean. A few puffs of canned air can do the trick.


6. Dust Open Shelves

Though open shelves are stylish, they can get really dusty. Use compressed air to remove dust from plates, glassware, and other items you store on these shelves instead of wiping ​every​ single piece individually.

7. Clean Mini Fans

If you use a desk fan, you know how much dust can accumulate on the blades. Rather than taking apart the fan to wipe them off, use compressed air to blast off those dust bunnies.


8. Try a New Art Technique

Believe it or not, compressed air can double as an art tool. The puffs of air can be used to blend mediums like acrylic paint and alcohol ink, as you can see in this brilliant YouTube video by Zimino Art.



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