7 Cleaning Hacks to Help Remove Dust From Your Home

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Squeaky is all about the borderline genius hacks and ideas that keep literally every inch of your space pristine.

Dust can accumulate all over your home in the most inconvenient places, causing allergies and other respiratory issues. Consider any (or all) of these cleaning hacks to help remove dust with ease.


1. Remove dust from surfaces using dryer sheets.

Dryer sheets are great to prevent wrinkles and static clean in laundry, but once they are used, they make great dusting cloths. So, save those used dryer sheets and use them to wipe down furniture, shelves, mantels, items like lamps and books ... pretty much anything lying around collecting dust.


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2. Use a pillowcase to remove dust from ceiling fans.

Ceiling fans are notorious for accumulating dust, then redistributing it into the air. Cleaning them without getting dust everywhere is super easy to do with a pillowcase. Simply slip the pillowcase onto one fan blade at a time, then lightly grip the pillowcase and press down while pulling the pillowcase off of the fan blade, removing dust and debris as you go. Step outside to shake out the pillowcase (to remove the dust) and then wash as you normally would.


3. Use a lint roller to remove dust from lampshades.

Lampshades are dust and bug magnets, and look tricky to clean. The good news is, they are actually really easy to clean using a lint roller. Start by turning your lamp off and allowing it to cool completely. Next, take a lint roller and run it from the top of the shade to the bottom, working your way around the lampshade until it is completely clean. To clean the inside of the lampshade, remove it from the lamp and repeat the process on the inside.


4. Use a microfiber cloth to remove dust from electronics.

Microfiber cloths have become the new go-to cleaning cloth. They are known for removing dust, dirt, and debris without scratching or damaging surfaces. To clean electronics like televisions, music players, computers, cell phones, and tablets, simply wipe them down using a clean microfiber cloth. They are made to attract the dust into the fibers of the cloth without leaving any debris behind.


5. Use tongs to clean window blinds.

Window blinds can be a challenge to clean, especially if they are breakable. To clean blinds without breaking them or taking them down, use tongs. Wrap each side of the tongs with a microfiber cloth and secure the cloth using a rubber band. Run the covered tongs along each blind, removing dust and debris.


6. Use a broom to dust ceiling corners.

To get dust out of the ceiling corners, use a broom to sweep them away. The dust will fall to the floor or onto any surfaces underneath, so you can use a bed sheet to cover anything below.

7. Use canned air to clean oscillating fans.

Fans also collect dust like crazy, and it can take time to give them a good cleaning. To easily get dust off of the fan blades and grates, spray the fan with canned air. Be sure to place something like a sheet or towel underneath the fan to collect dust that falls.



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