How to Keep Your Ceiling Fans Dust Free

Living in a dust-free home is not possible, but weekly and monthly cleaning reduces the amount of dust in your home. Ceiling fan blades quickly collect dust when overlooked during routine cleaning, spreading loose dust particles quickly throughout the room when the fan is in use. Dust particles eventually settle on the surrounding furniture and even cause health problems for those inhaling them on a regular basis. Add ceiling fan cleaning to your household to do list to remove old dust and keep new dust from settling on your fan.



Stand on a step stool or ladder to reach the fan blades.

Wipe the fan mount and housing with a damp cleaning cloth or microfiber cloth to remove dust, working from the ceiling down toward the blades.

Wipe the dust from the top and edges of each fan blade using a damp cleaning cloth or microfiber cloth.

Shake the dust from the cloth over a trashcan as needed to prevent dust from dropping onto other furniture.

Wipe the fan blades, mount, and housing with a fabric-softener sheet to help repel dust from sticking to the surface of the fan.


Stand on a step stool or ladder to reach the fan blades.

Perform the weekly dusting maintenance to remove dust from the entire fan.

Spray the fan blades and housing unit with a household cleaner. Dry the wet areas with cleaning cloth.

Spray the blades with furniture polish, creating a slippery surface where dust cannot easily stick.

Vacuum the air vents around the ceiling fan using a vacuum with a nozzle attachment.