How to Clean Honeywell Fans

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As with any fan, a Honeywell fan's blades will collect dust if not cleaned periodically. While a dirty fan may still be able to cool down a room, it will also spread the dust that cakes on the blades over time, causing the circulating air to become unhealthy. A coating of dust will also make a fan noisier when in operation.


A Variety of Honeywell Fans

Honeywell makes three types of fans – tower, table and floor. Cleaning each is possible without disassembly, but to get to hard to reach places it's eventually a necessity.

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How to Clean a Fan Without Taking It Apart

Before cleaning any fan, remember to wear a mask for protection against airborne dust particles.


Cleaning a fan without disassembly takes only minutes and should be done twice a week to keep on top of dust. Unplug the fan and bring it to a well-ventilated location in or outside of your home. Using a brush, scrub the grills where dust has accumulated to break it up. Then, using a can of compressed air, spray the grill to remove excess dirt, which should now fall from the fan.

Afterward, clean the stand and the outer body of the fan with a wet cloth and dishwashing liquid. Don't submerge the fan in water or use other harsh chemicals.


Fan Disassembly for Deeper Cleaning

To disassemble a tabletop or pedestal fan, you'll need a Phillips screwdriver to remove the fan's front grill. Some Honeywell fans come with clips instead of screws. In that case, lift the clips to release the front grill from the back and put it aside.


Next, unscrew the blade cap from the blades and place it aside. Slide the blades from the fan's mechanism before unscrewing the back grill nut and sliding off the rear grill.

To clean the separate fan parts, dust them off with a dry cloth. Dip the nonelectric pieces in a mild solution of dishwashing liquid and water and brush the parts clean. Wipe with a towel and let them air dry for about 10 minutes before putting the fan back together by reversing the disassembly process.


Cleaning a Honeywell Tower Fan

Tower fans have grown in popularity in recent years, and cleaning them is slightly different than cleaning a tabletop or pedestal fan.

Make sure the fan is unplugged. Using a vacuum cleaner or wet/dry vac, vacuum around the outside of the fan to immediately remove any excess dirt, in particular by grates where the air flows in and out of the fan. Wipe down the outside of the fan with water and dishwashing liquid.


Unlike standard fans, tower fans come with an air filter. Remove the air filter through the door or cover located on the fan and use a vacuum or wet/dry vac to remove built-up dirt from the air filter before placing it back in the fan.

If the tower fan has an extreme buildup of dirt and dust in hard-to-reach places, take it to a professional for service.




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