How to Clean NuTone

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Things You'll Need

  • ¼ inch socket head wrench

  • Vacuum dust attachment

  • Soft cloth

  • All-purpose cleaner

  • Newspaper

  • Cotton swabs

Periodic cleaning of a NuTone bathroom fan is necessary. Audible noise from an operating NuTone fan indicates that the fan should be cleaned, as do signs of decreased efficiency. Cleaning the NuTone fan when necessary will increase the lifespan of the fan and perhaps make a small dent in the electricity usage, since it won't need to be used as often to accomplish the task of removing moisture from the air in the bathroom.

Step 1

Ensure that the NuTone fan switch is turned off. Leaving the switch turned on may result in injury.

Step 2

Grasp the fan cover and pull it down 4 inches to see a slider spring clip on each side of the fan cover. Pinch the spring clip together and pull it down away from the fan cover to remove it. Remember there is one on each side of the fan.

Step 3

Loosen the three screws that are visible from the front of the fan, but do not remove them. Each screw will only need four or five turns with a ¼ inch socket head wrench.

Step 4

Pull the fan housing away from the wall about ½ inch. Remove the fan assembly from the housing by allowing it to drop down, but no more than eight inches, as there is a cord attached. Unplug the 110-volt fan cord from in the socket and place the fan assembly on some newspaper.

Step 5

Clean the wall or ceiling housing with a vacuum dust attachment or a soft cloth and some all-purpose spray cleaner.

Step 6

Remove the three screws from the fan housing with the ¼ inch socket to release the fan and motor from the housing. Do not bang the fan when taking it out of the housing.

Step 7

Clean the fan housing with a cloth and all-purpose spray cleaner. Ensure that the vent flap is able to move freely without coming in contact with lint or dust.

Step 8

Scrub the fan blade with cotton swabs dipped in all-purpose cleaner. Do not damage the fan by bending the blade.

Step 9

Put the fan back together and hook it back up to the electricity. It should run quietly and disperse moisture from the air in an efficient manner.


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