It is important to clean your stand fan to keep the dust to a minimum. While your fan is on it is not only blowing air throughout the room. It is also blowing particles of dust throughout the room. Dust collects within the grill of the fan and on the blades themselves. Cleaning your fan will also help lower the amount of allergens circulating throughout the room.

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Safety First

Unplug your stand fan and bundle the cord together so that it is not in your way. This will only take a few seconds and will help prevent any unwanted injuries or hassle. If you keep the fan plugged in and accidentally push a button while the grill is off, you could be looking at not only injuring yourself, but adding cleaning time to your project if dust flies out from the fan blades.

Disassemble the Fan

Remove the front grill from the fan. Holding the grill, flip the tabs on the sides which hold it in place. You can then easily remove the front of the grill. Some fans have screws holding the grill together, so you will need to simply unscrew them. Remove the fan blades by unscrewing the cap that secures the blades. You may need to unscrew the blades as well, or they may slide right off. The last part you need to remove is the back of the grill. All you have to do is unscrew it from the pedestal.

Vacuum the Dust

You should consider using a vacuum to eliminate large buildups of dust from your fan. Sometimes there will be an extremely large amount of dust that has accumulated, and it will take less time to remove it if you vacuum it as opposed to wiping it away.

Prepare a Fan Bath

Fill a tub or large sink with soapy water. You only need to make sure the water is deep enough for the fan grill and fan blades to be submerged. This will allow you to soak the fan parts, providing an efficient cleaning process. You can use common dish liquid to clean the fan. Use a cloth to also wipe away or scrub dirt, dust and any other filth from the fan parts. Be sure to rinse the fan parts thoroughly once you are finished washing them. You will also want to dry them well before reassembling the fan. Lay two dry bath towels down on the floor and allow the fan parts to air dry. Or, you can wipe them down with a dry towel. Making sure all the parts are dry will ensure that no moisture makes its way into the fan motor.