The aroma of meat on the grill is a summertime classic, and many barbecue enthusiasts build their own backyard barbecue setup. Built-in brick barbecues are rustic and elegant, with a stone side table for prep work or storage. A small brick barbecue is a convenient addition to an outdoor kitchen that can be completed in one afternoon of work. The cost is low, but the end product will look like something you spent big money on.

Step 1

Locate a level area of ground, free of grass or other debris. Lay out the first level of bricks in a 3-shape, using your grill rack to measure the space in between the arms of each prong of the 3.

Step 2

Mix your cement per the instructions on the bag. Remove the bricks you laid out and apply a base layer of cement in their tracks, using the spade, before replacing the bricks in the 3 pattern.

Step 3

Make sure everything is level and that your corners are exact. Cover the first layer with cement and stack your second layer of bricks on top.

Step 4

Continue until you have stacked seven layer of brick. On the eighth layer, lay the bricks for the left and center prongs sideways; you will rest the charcoal container on this support when your barbecue is completed.

Step 5

Build three more rows like rows one through seven. On the twelfth row, lay the bricks sideways, as in row eight, to support the grill rack.

Step 6

Build one final layer on the left side of the 3. Add cement to the right back and side prongs of the 3 and cover it with the stone slab to form a side prep area.

Step 7

Rest grill rack and charcoal container in the appropriate slots once the cement has set.