How to Choose the Cycles of a Washing Machine

Choosing a wash cycle can be confusing if you are uncertain of the qualities each cycle offers. Many people continuously do all laundry in a regular wash cycle and never attempt or learn about the permanent press or delicate cycle. These cycles are designed for specific reasons, and the different options allow you to wash any type of fabric as it was intended to be cleaned.

Choose the proper wash cycle when doing laundry.

Step 1

Set the washer to a delicate cycle if you are washing lingerie, silks, wool, embroidered and embellished fabrics, lace and baby items. This gentle cycle uses a low agitation and delicate spin cycle, allowing you to get the appropriate wash without using a rougher wash cycle that could deteriorate your delicate items.

Step 2

Select a permanent press cycle if you want a basic wash with delicate spin cycle. This cycle works well for heavy fabrics such as polyester, flannel and knitted fabrics. The heavy fabrics need a strong agitation to thoroughly clean the fabric, then the cycle finished with a slow spin that releases excess moisture from the fabric without a rough end cycle.

Step 3

Use a regular wash cycle for your cottons, T-shirts, denims, sweatsuits and other basic fabrics. This also works especially when you have heavily soiled garments that require a strong cleaning routine. The strong agitation mixed with strong spin cycle thoroughly cleans fabrics without leaving residue behind.

Step 4

Check the garment label if you are still uncertain which cycle to choose. Most garments come with care instructions that will tell you what type of wash and dry routine should be used when laundering the item.